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A drive around to almost any jobsite will tell you that pneumatics are king when it comes to roofing. The Duo-Fast DFCR175C cordless roofer that came out a while back is a clear signal the company is looking to change conventional views on roofing guns.

The gun itself drives 1,000 nails per fuel cell and can drive over 2,000 nails on a battery charge. To that, the first question most roofers will ask is: “How many square is that?” The math works out such that one fuel can and a nail pack set will do 200 square feet or “two squares.” That’s not bad.

However, roofers also stand by their current guns because of parts and the warranty. If the gun is broken they aren’t making money. To make the process a little easier, Duo-Fast offers a new no-questions asked warranty for one year:

Duo-Fast will be responsible for servicing and repairing the tools through the ITW Construction Service & Parts centers. Duo-Fast will pay for shipping the tool to the service center and will pay to ship the tool back to the owner. Duo-Fast also offers a three-day turnaround upon receipt of the tool and, if it cannot be repaired, Duo-Fast will replace it for free.

Of course, there are a few holes in this. This first glaring one is you’re out the use of the gun for up to three days, which isn’t bad — but it could be eased with a loaner program of some sort for folks with a broken gun. Maybe the addition of a few more years would be nice, too, but then again these guns do get all kinds of nasty wear and tear that’s impossible to defend against forever. Okay, it’s not a “we fix it for free forever” type of thing, but at least they recognize this is going to happen and are trying to address a real need.

Roofing Nailer DFCR175C [Duo-Fast]


5 Responses to Duo-Fast Courts Roofers

  1. PutnamEco says:

    It’s their new cap nailer (the DCR175-CN) that has caught my attention, it works with regular roofing nails, so no more having to worry about carrying another type of coil up on the roof.

    • fred says:

      I piqued my interest as well – but I’ve yet to see it in “the flesh” so to speak. My local roofing supplier is willing to special order one for me but has none in stock and if I order it I’m sort of committed to buying it sight unseen

  2. jasong says:

    1000 nails is more like 4 squares. ~60 shingles per square x 4 nails per shingle. How much do the fuel packs cost? I’d go through about 2 and a half of them a day.
    $10 worth of gas runs the compressor all day for 4 nailguns.

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