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If you flip through Toolmonger’s comments — as some tool manufacturers do, incidentally — you’ll come across a number of ideas readers post from time to time targeted at specific manufacturers. We’ve decided to start pulling some of those ideas out and featuring them, especially when they strike us as, well — pretty damn good ideas. This one’s for you, Milwaukee: Why not add another M12 bay on your multi-voltage charger?

Don’t try to order the tool you see above. It doesn’t exist outside Photoshop. It’s an imaginative version of Milwaukee’s 48-59-1812 M18 and M12 Multi-Voltage Charger, modified to incorporate a second M12 bay. A couple of commenters have suggested this, and we’ve received email from readers as well who think it’s a good idea, specifically because heavy users of the M12 line — especially those likely to actively use both M18 and M12 tools on the jobsite — tend to go through M12 batteries fast enough to wish they could charge two at a time. (Readers weren’t suggesting any flaw in the M12 line, but rather that the small-form batteries get a lot of use.)

Then again, we suspect there are straightforward reasons why we haven’t seen one of these yet. Maybe Milwaukee doesn’t have the open SKUs with resellers to stuff in something this niche. Or maybe there aren’t enough folks out there requesting it to justify the high cost of designing, building, testing, and deploying it. Regardless, we’d like to hear what the rest of you Toolmongers think: Good idea or a waste of time? Let us know in comments.

(And don’t be afraid to suggest other products, too. We’d love the chance to give ’em life here on the site.)


7 Responses to Reader Idea: A Milwaukee M18 and DUAL M12 Charger

  1. Sawdust Everywhere says:

    I’ve made many suggestions about creating a similarly designed charger to charge Craftsman’s 19.2 and 12v lines as well. I use both platforms actively when I am woodworking and would love to have one charger to do everything for me at the same time.

  2. Clinton says:

    I currently have only the individual M12 and M18 chargers but it’s pretty common for me to have two M12 chargers and a M18 charger going at once. That’s partially because I have 5 M12 batteries (with 4 M12 tools) so I frequently forget to dig out the chargers and charge them until at least 4 of them are dead. Whereas I have one M12 tool and 2 M12 large batteries.

    • Clinton says:

      Meant that to say “one M18 tool and 2 M18 large batteries.” My M18 impact got stolen so I just have my M18 hammer drill.

  3. Tom says:

    I have an old Ridgid dual charger that came with an 18v combo set. It is really nice to be able to charge 2 or the 3 batteries at once.

    I have 3 M12 tools, something like this might convince me to switch my 18v stuff from Red to Orange when the time comes (soon).

  4. PutnamEco says:

    I’ve always wondered why Ryobi is the only one offering a 6 bay battery charger. I know I still keep my V18/28 3 bay charger busy. I really hate having to set up a table just to support all the battery chargers that end up onsite.

    • andrew says:

      Milwaukee now makes a 6 battery charger for m18 tools I just picked one up the other day. They need to make one for the m12, I have about 12 batteries for that

  5. paul says:

    I guess I’m someone who probably wouldnt buy the multi charger. As a DIY and home user i’m probably not going to buy an additional battery charger when many tools include a charger. I have some m12 tools, 3 have included chargers, so I have 3 single m12 chargers. I am not going to spend $50-100 for another charger when I already have 3 of them that came with the tools.

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