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I guess all the talk of expensive LED products this week got us wondering: Does the company known for offering drool-worthy-yet-astronomically-priced tools offer a simple worklight? Answer: yes. You’re looking at it. And it checks in at a whopping $175. (No, really.) So what exactly do you get for that much cash?

First of all, you get an array of six 3W LEDS which produce a clear, white light. According to Festool Owners Group reviews, the light is quite neutral, though one reviewer notes it’s “unpleasant to look at or get caught in the corner of your eye.” On the plus side, they also mention that it’s surprisingly bright — enough to brighten an entire room. They report good battery life, though not enough for a full “day” of use, at least on its internal battery. However, you can plug the light into the wall “for unlimited runtime” or even power it with various Festool batteries you might have for powering other Festool cordless tools.

So, the short version: It looks pretty cool. But seriously, $175 for a light? I just can’t see it.

SysLite LED Worklamp [FestoolProducts.com]


23 Responses to A Seriously High-Buck LED Worklamp

  1. Stuey says:

    $175 does seem quite high. Looking at the specs, 4-hour runtime via the internal battery. A couple of years down the line, can that battery be replaced?

  2. jesse says:

    Festool groupies/fanboys will pick them up.

  3. Gary Z says:

    They do sell quality stuff, but 175 bucks???? I can buy a hell of a lot of LED flashlights at Lowe’s and still have money left over to buy the tools I really need.

  4. Chris H says:

    The high price must be for the excellent dust collection.

  5. Dave says:

    My last led flashlight I purchased cost me $380 so this is pretty cheap for the quality components inside it. Don’t confuse this light with the $30 led lamps you see in lowes. This one is cordless uses quality LEDs and I’m sure being made by festool is built extremely and would last for many years.

    As long as it puts out a good amount of lumens then it’s well worth it’s asking price. It’s hard to find a good powerful quality led cordless light system suitable for the job site environment that’s for sure.

  6. browndog77 says:

    This light may be useful for emergency service, but a jobsite light doesn’t need to be cordless. There are better things to spend that much jingle on, like maybe a generator?

    • Dave says:

      You say job site lights don’t need to be cordless yet you say buy a generator! So instead of having a cordless light I can carry in to a job site I carry a light and a generator! This is the exact reason why cordless tools are better than corded. What next don’t buy cordless tools and just buy a generator so you can use corded tools on site!

  7. browndog77 says:

    I can’t think of many jobsites where there is no need for any type of ac power to be on hand, except in rare circumstances like maybe repairing machinery in the field or small installation projects in buildings under construction. If this is what you do, go for it! I have power inverters in my trucks if I need lighting in such circumstances and a flashlight isn’t enough. Unless it runs for 8 hours without charging, it isn’t much of a “worklight”

  8. Old as Dirt says:

    A sucker is born every minute.

  9. Eric R says:

    Hey Dave, $380.00 for a flashlight?
    Are you nuts?
    That thing better talk !

    Festool stuff is nice, but they are waaay over priced.

    • Dave says:

      It’s a 2000 lumen tactical weapon light so don’t confuse it with the 170 lumen lights from lowes. Festool products are only expensive if you don’t use them to earn money. My productivity and quality has increased since using them so they more than pay for them self. There’s just no comparison when it come to festool. Your not getting run of the mill makita, Bosch, dewalt tool, your getting a precision made, high quality tool for life.

      If you can’t afford festool then your not doing work which requires top notch tools so keep to the big box store brands.

  10. ShopMonger says:

    WOW Indeed. I make furniture… and I don’t use festool….They are overpriced.. I’m not knocking their quality…they are a fine tool, but a Bosch saw has the same run out (read accuracy) as the Festool and cost about 1/3 or 1/2 as much..Dave , Perhaps you should look into a man named Sam Maloof, who made some of the finest furniture in our day….MODERN TIMES, and had no festool….or even a guy named Norm Abrams, who made fine furniture (yes i know he loves his nail gun) even before his big contract with Delta and Porter Cable…..HE used a lot of BnD stuff and some Dewalt….


    The more tools,and the more we use them the better….

    • Dave says:

      Of course people have been able to make fine furniture and works of art without festool. But gone are the days of it being hard work and slow. The only people who don’t understand festool are people who have never used them. The festool system is worth it’s asking price for its dust extraction system alone. Put the Kapex and the axial glide side by side and use them for a week. There’s zero chance you would walk away with the axial glide. The domino, RO sanders, routers, MFT’s, TS saws, vacs, wcr, systainers, centrotec etc etc have made producing quality work a breeze and fast.

  11. Old as dirt says:

    You sound like a commercial for festool.In case you forgot it’s the skill of the person using the tool that produces quality work not the tool.Your reasoning would lead one to believe that craftsmen who produce quality work using only hand tools are somehow lacking.

    • perry says:

      for certain industries they are. With work getting more competitive, a high grade reliable cordless planer is going to be faster than a hand planer. If you get paid for what you do, having high grade tools can definitely give you an edge in certain market niches.

      having said that, I don’t get why they made the light with an internal battery.

  12. Jeff says:

    $300+ tactical weapon light: If you kick down doors for a living and need to ensure bad guys go room temp faster than you do then so be it.

    $175 work light: Outside of disaster relief or emergency services I think you could spend a lot less coin.

    I’m sure FEMA will order a couple hundred, thank you taxpayers….

  13. Willie says:

    Dave, the prototypical Festool fanboy, justifying the big bucks he spent.

    • browndog77 says:

      How about we disagree without getting personal? I’m just sayin’……

    • Dave says:

      My customers pay me big bucks so why not buy tools that make life easier! Work smarter Willie not harder. Check out resale value of a Kapex then resale value of a dewalt. There’s a reason they hold their value so well and it’s because they are quality tools and not throw away tools. But clearly you haven’t used the festool line of tools as you wouldn’t be saying what your saying.
      Right well I’m heading back over to FOG to hang with my other fanboys.

  14. Mladen says:

    Cords are a pain in the ass, and corded tools tend to be louder than their battery counterparts. So that’s two strikes against festool and cords. Ive had the festool jigsaw and the fein multimaster for years and love them but just replaced them with a *gasp* ridgid 18v jobmax multi-head tool. It saves me space in my tool box, it’s quieter, more portable, there are no cords, everything is more convenient and more organized. In other words, more professional. Dust collection will be reserved for my big saws, and it will be just as good as festool(maybe a few percent lower, big deal) and it will cost me half the money. Buying all festool will not save me time over other tools, it will actually hinder my efficiency. It comes down to personal preference and what suits your work better. Practicality goes a lot further than any tool company’s attempt at cult marketing. And to add, i remember the bosch jigsaw having a more stable cut than the festool. Again not knocking because if i had a stationary shop for woodworking, i’d love to have all festool but for portability and practicality, sorry no. Btw, i would pay 175 for a high quality bright light that runs on both batteries and wall power because to me it’s useful. I could see it being completely useless for other purposes. The right tool for the right job. And batteries kick ass. The more clean portability the better.

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