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Last week IKEA announced that they’ll soon sell furniture featuring an “integrated HDTV.” That’s right: You can now buy a TV stand complete with TV, BluRay player, and stereo for around $950. That’s the 24″ version.

But wait a minute. The local BuyMore offers a (complete with 1080p display) for $170. (I’m not, by the way, recommending this TV. It’s just the first one I came across. I found lots of them in this price range.) Brand-name BluRay players start around $65. And even though the IKEA offering only offers 2.1 sound, you can buy a pretty nice smallish 5.1 system for under $200. I’m not a math genius, but that adds up to around $435. So you’re essentially paying $515 for a crappy melamine-covered MDF cabinet and the loss of stereo component selection.

Maybe it’s just me, but this screams DIY.

Seriously, how hard is it to mount a TV? A friend of mine in California attached a nice backboard to a small hutch with nothing but dimensional lumber and bits and pieces from the local big box — and ended up with a solution every bit as nice-looking at what you see here from IKEA. I haven’t asked, but I’d be willing to bet he spent less than $100 on the project altogether. And how hard is it to pick out a TV, stereo, and BluRay player? The materials make it sound like a nightmare — you know, “making sure they work together” and “plugging them in.” I’m sure it’s way easier than assembling the IKEA piece, yeah?

Ok, IKEA-bashing aside, there is a place for a wall-like HDTV mount that doesn’t involve carving up the wall. This is a common problem for renters of all flavors, and this looks like a good solution for it.

So how many of you have built something similar? How’d you solve the problem of stabilizing the TV, and what would you do differently next time?

IKEA Announces Furniture w/Integrated TV, Speakers, BluRay [ExtremeTech]


4 Responses to Screaming DIY Opportunity: Integrated HDTV Mount

  1. HammerDrillJoe says:

    LED TV are ultra thin so the cheapest wall mount will suffice I just hung a 42 inch Samsung LED with a $29.00 mount I found on Amazon. The TV is approx 23lbs, so I could of probably hung it with wall anchors and wire!

  2. Fong says:

    Seconded. No need for a integrated mount. Even the latest generation plasmas are much lighter than they used to be. Even for renters, some lag bolts and wall anchors can easily be covered up.

    I just set mine on top of the stand now. Stopped wall mounting for the sake of not needing to put a bunch of stuff on top of my cabinet.

  3. Cyberkender says:

    Ikea Hackers has a number of solutions to this issue. This being one of the better ones, imo: http://www.ikeahackers.net/2012/03/stolmen-plasma-tv-gadget-mount.html

    Holes for lag bolts are pretty obvious, even when spackled over nicely. Landlords will notice, so ignoring your landlord’s rules really isn’t a solution to the issue.

  4. DeadGuy says:

    I have a 2’x7′ nook in my office. Someone’s idea of a closet that didn’t work out, I guess. I filled it with a yard sale credenza I refinished, a couple of shelves on each end as filler (plywood and molding) and two shelves from 2×12 above it with a nice routed edge and some fancy brackets. I spent a total of $200 and then went crazy with a $400 remnant of granite for the top. I just couldn’t get the tops of the filler shelves I built to look as good as the credenza.

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