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I just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to apologize for the issue we had yesterday with the background advertisement bleeding into the main page and causing issues for commenters. This, of course, is what happens when the same guys who write about the tools also have to code the site. (I like to think I can be good at everything, but usually I just end up being mediocre at, well, everything.) Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience, and I wanted to let you know that it’s definitely something I did as opposed to anything caused by the advertising or the advertiser.

Everything should be working now, but I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know in comments if you run into any similar issues now. It’s working fine for me here in Chrome on OS X 10.7, but I’d be interested to know if it’s working on other platforms. Thanks!


7 Responses to Sorry For The Commenting Issue Yesterday/Fixed

  1. Blair says:

    We’ll give it a try, seems to be showing up here with Firefox also, and no problem, don’t beat yourself up over it, you do a great job with the site.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    It appears to be back to normal on Konqueror/4.4 and Firefox/3.5

  3. Johan says:

    Works great on my old XP too.
    Thanks JOhan

  4. Dan R. says:

    Sorry, what? You can comment on this site? Who knew?!

  5. Dave D says:

    Thanks, Chuck. Every small business owner understands the joys of wearing a lot of hats, some of which fit better than others.

  6. Pruitt says:

    Thanks for the update–completely understood.

    But FYI since you asked, it’s working okay on my iPad running Safari, but there’s a strange effect at each page click (like when I went from the main page to this article). The screen flashes black with a yellow bar across the top (Stanley color scheme) and then flashes to the correct page. Odd. I don’t know nearly enough about code to foster a guess at what is happening.

  7. Greg says:

    Using Opera 11.62, and still getting the ad bleedo-out.

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