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I remember years back when the only people making a vibrating multi-tool was Fein — charging a whopping pretty penny for it, too. Now you can buy similar products from just about every manufacturer in both corded and cordless versions. And Makita’s joined the party, too, with their catchy-named LXMT025, pictured above. This version is cordless, integrated into Makita’s 18V line. Yeah, it’s pretty much like all the others. But nothing drives innovation like competition, and this definitely represents more competition.

Specs look pretty similar to the rest: variable speed control, 6,000 to 20,000 OPM (orbits per minute), and a 3.2 degree oscillation angle. You also get a barrel-grip form factor, which should be familiar to anyone who’s used any of the similar models from other manufacturers. Street pricing looks to start around $320 for the kit, which includes the tool, two batteries, and a charger. Makita says the tool will be available as a bare tool as well, but we haven’t seen it sold online as such yet. Expect it in the near future — good news for those of you looking for one of these to accompany your existing 18V Makita collection.

LXMT025 Cordless Multi-Tool [Makita]
Street Pricing [Google]


10 Responses to More Fein Multi-Tool Competition… From Makita

  1. Boss Hogg says:

    This is one of the tools where me and my dipstick deputy Roscoe prefer the Harbor freight version. Last this I need is a dead battery when I actually need to use this type of tool. Now, them Duke Boys, they’d us this type of tool at least weekly to break out of my jail or the disable a Pole-lice vehicle.

    Saw Fein was selling a $99 version at Home Depot. Don’t care how good a fein is, just not something I’m going to use more than occasionally. Now if you are a pro and have the Makita kit that uses the battery then I understand.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    Glad they are making it in 18v, the 12v tools just don’t seem to run long enough. Now if we can get them to do their angle grinder in 36v….

    Something in this website is messed up, the only way I could post was to use Firefox with noscript and adblock set to kill and only white listing Toolmongers URL, kept getting redirected to an advertisement on Dewalts website.

    • Chuck Cage says:

      PutnamEco: Sorry, sir. I’ll post about it. This is what happens when a tool guy runs a website on his own. I had to hand-code the ad insert, and I screwed it up. Doh!

      FWIW, It’s definitely not something DeWalt or Stanley intended. They’ve been very patient with us as we figure out the technical requirements to deliver the ads. They were also one of the first companies to step up and offer to buy advertising with no strings attached — something that proved to be a deal killer for others. We appreciate that.

      Update: It should now be fixed, though I’d sure appreciate it if you’d let me know if it’s working right for you. It’s working fine for me here in Chrome on OS X 10.7.

    • Chuck Cage says:

      And it should now be fixed. If you could double-check for me, I’d sure appreciate it. It’s working here under Chrome on OS X 10.7.

  3. ShopMonger says:

    I picked up the Rigid 12v JobMax and love this tool. I liked the rigid because of its multiple head concept, so i get 2-3 rarely used tools in one. I also like the 12v flashlight , nice and bright single LED. I have already come up with several uses for it. Amazing once you have it, how often you will grab it out, even quick cut offs on light steel are easy….and Low flush-cuts are nice for woodworking. And of course i love more competition in this arena…brings prices down and more tools to the masses.


    The More Tools the Better

  4. Fabian says:

    Wow, this thing is priced way to high compared to the high-end competition..

  5. Robert says:

    Looks like it’s running about $120 for the bare tool only.

  6. NipSip says:

    Buy the HF one and buy the blades from Imperial Blades.

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