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Remember how we pointed out some of the benefits of Bosch entering the micro-recip market? Here’s another benefit: more blade selection. Not surprisingly, Bosch recently announced a line of blades to go along with their new saw. Bosch calls ’em “pocket blades,” by the way, which seems like a cool idea to us. Since they share the same mounting system as standard recip blades, we’re totally guilty of slapping Milwaukee’s Hackzall blades in our standard recip for cutting jobs that don’t require the standard 6″ to 12″ reach. (And once or twice we’ve mounted full-sized blades on a micro-recip when it happened to be close at hand.) Of course, Bosch’s new blades will work with any standard recip mount, including full-size saws and both their (and Milwaukee’s) micro-recips.

We’re most excited, however, to see the beginnings of the same kind of competition we’ve enjoyed for years in full-sized blades arrive for the smaller set. Hobbyists will likely buy whatever’s closest at the shop when they burn through the freebie blades packaged with their saw, and daily users will seek out the blade with the best price/performance balance for their application. Now they have the choice.

We haven’t seen any pricing on these yet, but it’s a fair bet they’ll end up about the same as similar larger blades. Big question, though: Who’s next? We’d love to see a micro recip in the DeWalt 12V MAX line. And how ’bout some “pocket” blades in the meantime? The more the merrier, at least as far as we consumers are concerned.


10 Responses to More “Pocket” Recip Blade Selection (from Bosch)

  1. JT says:

    DeWalt announced a 12V Max recip back in February that should be available in April. It is model DCS310 and is obviously a spin off from the Porter Cable saw, with the pivoting handle.

  2. PutnamEco says:

    And Makita has the RJ01W….

  3. ChuckBlack says:

    I know my full sized reciprocating saw with a big ass 18v lithium-ion battery gets sucked dry fairly quickly. I wonder how these fair…

    BTW, I love how Chuck blasts us with a whack of posts in one shot. Happy “Cage-day” fellow readers!

    • browndog77 says:

      I’d also like to hear from some folks who have the Bosch 12v recip saw. I have a few of the tools in that line-up, so I don’t need batteries or chargers. I just don’t want to shell out for the tool if it doesn’t perform well.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I got this a month or so back. As long as you are not expecting it to match a corded demo saw or 18+v cordless model its a good deal. I got it from Amazon as a bare tool for $60, had an extra battery from my other 3 Bosch 12v tools.

    To date i have used it to trim a 2×4 and some plywood in a tight area that I couldn’t get a bigger saw into. It did great on this. Tried to cut out a 40yr old, rock hard joist in my garage without success. And cut some 1.5″ EMT with great results. I haven’t tried but I think this could be great for light tree/shrub trimming of up to say 1.5″ branches.

    As long as you think of this as a replacement for your hacksaw and hand saw you’ll get great use out of this. The size and weight make it easy to carry around.

  5. bob says:

    Bought for similar reasons as Jeremy. Worth it for the extra battery, and worth it a saw if you have realistic expectations. It is very light and compact, but not comparable to a full size ‘sawza’ (as my 4 YO nephew says). Jeremy is exactly right.

  6. A.Crush says:

    The “pocket” blades are probably just the standard 4″ variety. I’ve used 6″ and 8″ blades, same as my regular recip saw, since getting this. I’ve found the 6″ blades are great, and let you make cuts without worrying about the blade being too short. Even with the smaller stroke, I prefer cutting in the middle of the blade rather than just barely having it be long enough. Another benfit of the longer blade is being able to use the middle teeth when the teeth closest to the saw end are dull.

    As for the saw itself, it’s great for it’s size. I’ve used mine to cut through hardened steel with diamond/carbide blades, and regular steel with bi-metal blades, and it works like a champ. The shorter stroke makes it take longer, but it gets the job done. The only downside is the short battery life. Hard jobs really drain the battery fast, and I only get a few cuts in before it goes to half capacity, getting really slow, then tanks shortly after. Not bad for one/two-shot jobs, or lighter duty stuff, but definitely not an all-day thing, not even with both battery packs.

    Still, all in all, it’s a great portable and compact saw, perfect for some things. Beats lugging around a full size battery powered saw for smaller jobs, that’s for sure. Costs less, too.

  7. Bill Brasky says:

    I bought this tool after seeing it here on Toolmonger…because I bought the bosch Impact and driver set, guess what…after I saw it on Toolmonger. Somehow if I’m thinking about buying a tool then see it here written about I get the guts and actually buy it (my crazy cash is being depleted.)

    Anyway, I am finishing my basement off and I bought this bare tool as well on Amazon. I just passed my underground plumbing inspection and used this tool almost entirely to cut the PVC. For the big 4″ PVC DWV I switched to a 8″ metal blade and it cuts great. Its so much easier to cut PVC with this because holding a big ol’ “sawza” (I have a corded one about ~15 yrs old) and holding the pipe on the sawhorses to line up an accurate cut is annoying. With this bad boy I just slipped it in my pocket, took the measurements and walked back over to the horses to cut it. I had to cut the main stack as well and it was flush with the basement concrete wall. So this was great to have there because I could easily handle the projects not needing a third hand.

    I am uploading my basement project on Youtube from my phone, bc everyone at work and the fam wanted pictures on my past projects so these videos just show more detail. You guys can take a look if you’re bored..probably like now bc you’re on TM.


  8. browndog77 says:

    I just picked up one of these @ Lowes for $99 w/ a charger & 2 batts. There were 2 left on the shelf marked for close-out, and the other was identical except it only came with 1 battery!! I have a few of the Bosch 12v tools, so I didn’t really need any batteries, but 2 is better than 1!

  9. Cecil Grass says:

    Not a bad looking piece to have around the house. For the shop I apprentice at, we obviously buy more high end drills and pneumatic power tools etc, but this is perfect for what i would need in my personal life. Wouldn’t mind giving this a try!

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