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We return to the mic to discuss recent posts and projects including new LED light options, Chuck’s severe shelving issue, and whiteboard options. Remember: You can call in your own questions and opinions to 214-296-9229. (Podcast Download)


6 Responses to Tool Talk #66: Projects, LED Lighting Options

  1. Boss Hogg says:

    Awesome! Just started to listen and I’ve worked my way through about half of the podcasts. Was wondering if they would ever come back.

    Gotta new Shopsmith, would love to hear some talk about it.

  2. Dr_No says:

    Its great to see the podcast back. Thanks guys!

  3. Shopmonger says:

    Thanks guys I had an hour ride to a 8 hour session on teaching styles , this made the trip awesome, can you talk on the next one about expendables, like sandpaper, tape, glue and where you think its a good idea to save, and where do you not look at price but performance, i just read an article about sandpaper and a test and Klingspor Sterate was the best, and one of the cheapest….thanks
    you guys rock

  4. PutnamEco says:

    Shopmonger says:
    Klingspor Sterate was the best.

    This is a subject that is widely argued/disputed.

    Stearated sandpapers have been known to cause problems with some finishes. Fish eyes in sprayed water borne lacquer seems to be a common complaint.

    Zinc stearate vs calcium stearate, blah blah blah… GIYF

  5. ShopMonger says:

    Yeah, the comparison was abut how long it lasted and how well it cut after 5 minutes of use. It did not get into the fisheyes and other issues. Although after doing a ton of finishing, i have never had a problem, i always wipe down the project first before finishing, so that re-leaves a lot of those issues.

  6. browndog77 says:

    In response to your planning of the “Hungarian shelves”, I would suggest that you fasten the stringers to the wall with long enough screws to locate them just above the notches, as this is the spot most prone to shear stress when the load of the shelf is applied. The prying action will be up and away from the wall at this point, and if you are using framing lumber (as depicted in the pic in the Hero heater thread), splitting is a concern. You could easily countersink the fasteners and fill/plug for appearance, but in reality the books will hide the holes!

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