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The Paslode cordless gas nailer is one of the most distinct tools around the shop and has been for a number of years. Since we first picked one up, it’s proven to be more than capable, and its sheer portability has kept it within arm’s reach whenever work outside the confines of plugs and compressors reared its ugly head. Now Paslode has thrown a Li-Ion battery in their famous orange monster and sent it out to play with the other Li-Ion children.

The biggest boast to this latest offering is the Li-Ion pack, which turns out a 6,000-round capacity per charge over the previous NiCad version, which spit 3,000. As with every other Li-Ion battery pack it also means you can leave it in the case for 5 months and it’ll still be ready to go — and that’s a big deal for us since we don’t use the thing everyday.

Rather than making you wait an hour for a charge, the CF325Li also has a two-minute quick charge that will drive 200 nails. And being Li-Ion, the battery pack and the tool itself wind up being a shade lighter than the older model, which won’t go unnoticed by the folks who use it everyday.

It was inevitable Paslode would make the jump to Li-Ion like everyone else, but in this case it’s only made a solid tool better. Expect the new nailer to run in the $375 range, which is around a $50 jump from the $335 CF325, but the addition of Li-Ion is probably worth it.

CF325Li [Paslode]


6 Responses to Preview: Li-Ion Paslode Cordless Gas Framer

  1. browndog77 says:

    Inevitable question: will the new batteries work in my old nailer?

  2. browndog77 says:

    Apparently not, and that stinks! The gun will probably last longer than the owner, LOL!

  3. Mnoswad1 says:

    I have one of these (ni-cad) that I bought for a project but ended up only using 1 2/2 boxes of nails through it. Preferred using spax screws for an interior job.

    Essentially brand new. What should I sell it for?

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