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It’s that time again, where those of us who get to (sometimes) take weekends off are looking for a little piece of inspiration — something to help us transition from work to play, often using exactly the same tools.¬†This video comes from the PROFESSIONal series, which I wrote about back in October, but this vid tells the story of Eric Karakawa, a nice guy who built his own surfboard because he couldn’t afford to buy one. Over time he discovered that he loves building them so much that he dropped out of school to build boards for others.

Like the other PROFESSIONal films, this one touches on lots of concepts familiar to Toolmongers, from receiving a helping hand which one later returns to transferring the love of building into a final product. But most of all it shows what it’s like to turn one’s passion into a living without that passion turning into a job. I need more lessons like that.

PROFESSIONal: Eric Arakawa, Surfboard Shaper [Vimeo]


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