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A friend recommended these to me last week, and they strike me as a great idea: It’s like they took the little pair of tweezers you have in your medicine cabinet, scaled ’em up about 1000%, then added a little LED light at the back end so you can almost always see what you’re trying to grab.

They’re just under 7″ long (which you can kind of see if you look carefully at the package picture above and assume that the guy in the tiny photo has relatively normal-sized hands), they’re made of spring steel, and the grip at the back end is made of over-molded rubbery plastic. A couple of standard LR41 watch batteries power the LED light.

Personally, I think these look like a great specialty tool addition to my mechanics’ tool set. There’s nothing worse than dropping something in a dark, hard-to-reach place. I’ve got a couple of different cheap grabber tools just for this purpose, but this looks like it’d allow some additional manipulation of whatever lurks in there as well.

Admittedly, these look a little shady at first glance, mainly because I can’t find them listed via any major reseller. To buy them you’ll have to take the dive and pick up a pair off eBay or via one of the many online-only retailers listing them via Google Shopping. Still, I’m thinking about giving ’em a shot. Street pricing runs about $15, though some retailers stock them for as little as $10.

Storm Value-Line LED Long Tweezer Set 2-Pack [Central Tools]
Street Pricing (lots of vendors) [Google]


9 Responses to LED Lighted Long Tweezers

  1. Gary Z says:

    Needle nosed pliers and a flashlight, priceless.

  2. Brau says:

    Great idea but I wonder how often I’d use them?
    (I tend not to tweeze in the dark)

    We just replaced the battery in my wife’s watch
    and couldn’t be bothered to get the tweezers

    from oh, so far away … in the next room,

    and just eked the old battery out with a paring knife.

  3. ShopMonger says:

    The only thing worse than dropping that screw,nut or bolt, is not having a tool to reach it, when it wedges itself into the smallest crevasse it can find (which is where it is going)So these look awesome, i have some long tweezers but none with a light sources, looks promising.


  4. Benoit says:

    Guys, speaking of tweezers… If you need to remove splinters, get one of these: Pocketweez (www.pocketweez.com). The tip is very sharp and you can easily grab the smallest things that poke your skin. Not cheap, but it’s the best tweezers I’ve ever used. You can also keep them with your keys. Made in the USA.

    • fred says:

      While these pockettweez -ers were a bit pricey – everyone in my extended family got a pair from me for stocking stuffers at Christmas. I heard back from several of the recipients that they were cool and useful

  5. Kenneth says:

    A telescoping rare earth magnet will usually do the trick without even looking. Plus rare earth magnets are more useful to have around. Attach a string to them and swing it like a pendulum on the wall to find screws in the drywall (the best stud finder not on the market).

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