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Take Skil’s cheap little iXO 4V lithium-ion driver, cut the pistol grip off it, and glue it to the front of a standard tubular flashlight, and you’ve got Skil’s #2350-01 “2-in-1 cordless screwdriver and flashlight.” Yes, it looks a little funny. But I won’t get bitten the same way I did when I expressed my disinterest in Black & Decker’s iXO-like driver a while back. See, I thought “Who would want a pistol-grip cordless screwdriver with an integrated battery and no variable speed?” Answer: Sean’s wife, who back then spent a lot of time opening and closing ATMs which have (wait for it) — about a million machine screws in them. She loved the idea of a sub-$40 driver that fit the bill fine for that simple task. Assuming the 2350 removes screws similarly well, I’m betting the flashlight would’ve come in handy for her.

That said, the 2350 checks in at a little more than $40 — more like $50 to $60 based on a current Google search. Still, I can see some use cases for this. Just don’t imagine that it’ll have anywhere near the widespread application you’d get from something like a Bosch PS20 or other-branded equivalents.

Update: It’s $37 at Amazon right now.

2-in-1 Cordless Screwdriver and Flashlight [Skil]
Street Pricing [Google]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to It’s A Cordless Screwdriver. Wait, It’s A Flashlight.

  1. Jerry says:

    I do like the concept but certainly not the price. Of course, you can’t use the driver while holding the flashlight on your target screw. Oh Bah! I just don’t like tools that you can’t pop a spare battery into. Integrated usually means you charged it, stored it and discovered it to be dead when you needed it.

  2. Tony says:

    Awesome, you can blind yourself with the torch while trying to poke the screwdriver into somewhere dark.

    I’d have thought pointing the torch at what you are trying to turn would be obvious.

    You do have to wonder about designers sometimes. Like this bloke: http://tommasocolia.com/i_handle.htm. I can see at least two problems there…

  3. ShopMonger says:

    Tony, ahhaa haa ahaa that is so true and you know you would do that every time, you would use the light then forget it was on, turn it around to use the driver and blammmoooo right in the eyes


  4. Dan says:

    I have a couple of B&D cordless screwdrivers like this:


    They’re cheap, $10 or less, use AA batteries, and the drive can be locked for initial loosening or final tightening.

    I use mine with rechargeable batteries that I already had, but if they’re dead I can just grab some regular alkalines and keep going. It works great as a nut driver with a hex shank to 1/4″ socket adapter. I use them all the time when working on our vehicles for removing and replacing screws and bolts.

    The gears inside are plastic and they’re just about worn out on one because I didn’t use the shaft lock when I should have, but that’s my fault and a replacement is cheap enough.

    I do wish I could find a pistol grip version, a deepwell socket and the adapter makes these too long for some tasks.

  5. coyote says:

    people if you look a little closer you will notice it also has a small LED on the working end of the tool. hence lighting the work area. and as an option you have a full working flashlight on the other end.

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