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Ryobi is now taking registrations for their new online community, “Ryobi Nation.” On one hand, it’s cool that Ryobi is attempting community building through a place where folks who dig the new green-and-black tools can show off their projects and get discounts on new gear. On the other hand, they’ve now collected a bunch of information on you and can send focused marketing your way.

As tool companies figure out social media and how to get their presence on the web, the vibe one gets from the resulting product ranges from expected to scary. Ryobi Nation touts elements like registration and updates for products you already own, a “My Projects” section where you can post pics and write about how you accomplished your latest triumph, and a “Rewards” area that looks like it will give the user deals, coupons, and product news.

The question seems to be, is it worth it? On the whole, the Ryobi threat level seems pretty tame, and if you’re into Ryobi, it’s a great way to talk to other Ryobi folks. However, we also know that there are many colors of power tools and hand tools in most garages, and a green-and-black-only rule might exclude projects and — more to the point, wisdom — from folks who have a blue, red, or yellow tint to the toolbelt.

What do you think?

Ryobi Nation Pre Registration [Ryobi]


One Response to Ryobi Nation

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ve registered my tools with Ryobi over the years and provided my contact info.And all that I ever received was junk mail about deals/surveys,etc, when one my tools I had registered was recalled they never even bothered to send me an email on the recall.

    As far as this site goes, it looks like all the other ones that have been launched by Lowes, HD, Craftsman, etc in the past year or so.
    I dont really see how this site is any different from all the other data mine operations out there guised as DIY sites.

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