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The larger li-ion battery packs tool companies are putting out today are getting closer to giving us the kind of power and duration they’ve been promising since the eighties. Just slide a pack in and do whatever you need to do — like mow the lawn. Sure, Ryobi isn’t the first electric mower or even the first to use a battery. What it really does is prove engineers are still working on solving all household issues with reusable battery packs; hell, Craftsman’s even got a 48v mower.

The specs for the Ryobi show a 50-lb. mower sporting a 16″ cutting deck that takes about an hour and a half to charge the battery, so multiple batteries for a larger yard wold be advisable. This rig isn’t a giant sod-trimming monster and doesn’t look like it would handle stubborn grass that’s been left uncut for a few weeks. That’s strictly opinion, but seeing how a gas-powered lawn tractor had trouble on my Texas weeds, I’m guessing this little mower would as well.

We’d love to see how much it would actually take to stall one of these green machines vs. how long it would run (we’re guessing 20-30 minutes for most folks). It does look good, and the Aussies say it runs very well — as far as we can tell the Ryobi 36v isn’t available here in the states yet.

RYOBI 36V TV Commercial: Astronaut [YouTube]
RLM36 Li-Ion Mower [Ryobi]


2 Responses to 36v Mower from Ryobi

  1. MattC says:

    I have a Neuton mower for my 1/4 acre lawn (mostly flat) using essentially a deep cycle battery. It has enough juice for my lawn. Even after three years, the battery never strays below the yellow(charge indicator)after I am finished. While cordless mowers may not be for everyone, for 1/4 acre or less they are ideal.

  2. KenZ says:

    I have always wondered why a company like Ryobi didn’t do this, BUT do it by having it require two of their existing 18V batteries, and just have the mower put them in series. I run my 36V Bosch circular saw off two 18V Makita batteries this way, and it works great. The advantage for Ryobi for doing this is that so many people already own their 18V batteries and chargers, so that reduces the cost of the mower significantly (the battery/cahrger for a Li-Ion mower is almost more expensive than the mower from a manufacturing POV).

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