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We’ve written about all of these components individually, but Rockler has a deal on right now combining three of Bench Dog’s saw safety products bundled together into a single easy-to-order package. For $25, you get the Dog’s slick little push stick, their push block, and “Feather-Loc” — a device that keeps stock pressed tight around your saw’s fence to minimize kickback.

The stick is “magnetic” as well, but honestly the magnet only makes it easier to store. Other than that it’s pretty much just a stick. Which means that even if you don’t have $25 to spend — or are just a cheap bastard like us at Toolmonger — you can always make your own out of (gasp) wood. Sean does this, and he even keeps the old ones, all broken and sawed up by kickbacks, tacked up on the wall to remind him to use the damn stick.

The push block, on the other hand, seems like it might be a little more difficult to swing on your own. You can certainly put together a basic one, but the friction’d surface on the bottom of this one is pretty cool.

Anyway, however you manage to do it, be sure to acquire and have on hand the right safety tools. The hand/finger/life you save might be your own.

3-Piece Safety Kit [Rockler]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: Cheap Saw Safety

  1. goodmaei says:

    For making a grip block — Lee Valley sells a sheet of grip material for a few bucks. (They also sell Slovakian hockey pucks for DIY bench cookies).

  2. Corey Mac says:

    All of these, as stated above, are easily manufactured above and are a good first project for those just learning to use a table saw. As for the push block, scrap plywood with some heavy-grit sand paper glued on does wonders!

  3. Gary Z says:

    Have to agree push sticks are push sticks. I have two of the BD push blocks, and they are the best I’ve used. Has a good handle for holding and the pad material (same material as the Bench Cookies) is grippy and is easily cleaned.

  4. Craiger says:

    Ha! I knew I was saving those mouse pads for a good reason!

  5. Danuuc says:

    Picked up the Menards equivalent of the featherboard for $15 today. Came with both the 3/4 and 5/8 track adapters for my crappy table saw and my (future) nice table saw.

  6. browndog77 says:

    The magnet is a great idea, not just for storage, but to enable the operator to place it where it is easy to reach when needed (outside the fence during a long rip). I’ve had mine vibrate off the table at just the wrong time.

  7. shotdog says:

    I’ve used the BD feather board for years. I was looking around Home Depot for a second feather board and ran across a Rigid rare earth magnetic feather board. It operates independently of the the miter gauge track and is a snap to use. It’s my go-to unit. sd

  8. Dana Dawes says:

    I made several heavy-duty push blocks from wooden floats with sheets of ground rubber glued to the bottom.

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