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For years we kept our household Christmas tree in the box it came in. I dragged that damn box up stairs, down stairs, around the house, through the truck bed, into the storage unit, and all over the damn place. Then I got one of these: a cheap-ass bag that holds up shockingly well for the price. It’s ringing up for $12 right now at Amazon, and it’s worth every penny.

You might be thinking exactly what I did the first time I saw it: It’s gonna fall to pieces the first time it catches on the edge of the attic door. Incredibly, it didn’t, for me at least. What you can’t see in the pictures is the fact that the bag is reinforced with some stringy material embedded within the plastic. It looks almost like strapping tape, and it’s just as durable. I was careful with it last year, but this year I just drug it downstairs and didn’t worry about it. Still, no tears.

It looks like they make versions for wreaths as well. I don’t own any of those, but I think I might invest in some. If you order any, I’d love to hear how they work size-wise. The bag I linked is for trees up to 60″ in height, but if you look around they make versions for much larger (and smaller) trees as well. Mine is 9-1/2′ tall, for example.

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9 Responses to Post-Holiday Storage: A Great, Cheap Christmas Tree Bag

  1. assen says:

    I do not understand what was so wrong with the original box. After the 3rd year with mine, it’s been re-enforced with 2 years’ worth or shipping tape and it can now support the aoo the ornaments I’ve decorated it with stacked in their own boxes on top of it.

    • Joe says:

      By using a bag you dont have to compress the tree as much, which means it goes up faster. I have my 9 foot tree in two bags, since I dont flatten and compress the branches, it goes up and looks great in about 30 minutes.

  2. assen says:

    … though the handles on the bag are really NEAT!…

  3. Ben says:

    I dont know what shocks me more companies make bags to store a christmas tree in, or you showing off a fake tree. What happened to real trees? And please don’t start with reasons like: “fake trees are better for the environment” or anything in that direction. (Do you know how bad it is for the environment and actually you to make a fake tree/ own one? They’re full of pvc, and in the past fake trees have actually been quarantined for hazardous materials and stuff.)
    A blog so dedicated to good tools and craftsmanship, and you put up a fake tree…sad.

    • Diane says:

      Many people use artificial trees because members of their families are alergic to pine trees. There are 4 members of my family that are. Plus artificial trees are much safer since trees are cut many months before Christmas.

  4. Steve says:

    I purchased one of the extra large Rubbermaid storage bins. The artificial tree fits nicely inside. The storage bin is a matching color of green.

    An artificial tree is less likely to burn down your house. Modern versions look very realistic.

  5. Pat says:

    Reel it in Ben. I might look into a bag. Our box is just about done.

  6. Dan says:

    I store our tree in a couple of those big cardboard tubes used for pouring concrete footings. They’re about 18 inches in diameter. I can stand the tube up and drop the tree down into it. A piece of rope looped around both ends makes an easy handle.

    The ones I bought had a film on the inside that smelled like old burlap sacks, but it washed out easily.

  7. I use the origional box for my fake tree, the rest of the decorations are bundled into smaller bags inside a big blue Ikea bag. One year we foolishly used carrier bags only to find that they biodegraded into tiny fragments.

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