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I think it’s clear by now that I’m not a fan of Case’s adoption of the Disney-style vault system for stock rotation. Perhaps it’s just sensitivity from Disney shoving their warehouse clearing program up our collective posteriors, and us quite literally buying it. “Hurry, before it goes back into the vault!” is not something I like hearing from one of my favorite blade builders. But like it or not, Case’s “vault” is opened and has drawn forth the Copperlock and Sowbelly, among others, to spread joy this Christmas.

I do wish they would have said something more like, “Hey, we know you buy knives for Dad at Christmas and he likes the classic stuff, so here ya go.” But maybe “Opening the Vault” just sounds more elegant.

The dealers have a bunch of Case-branded stag, mother of pearl, and bone in ready supply, and we’re guessing they will for a month or two until the bumped production run is depleted. So grab all the Cheetah, Copperlock, Sowbelly, Doctors, and Tuxedo pattern blades you like while supplies last, because sooner or later “The Vault”  will snap shut again.

Case’s Open Vault [WR Case]


7 Responses to Case Opens “The Vault”

    • aj says:

      Gordon – you are right – elegant design – i ordered one – interestingly the price for the knife in the second link (although out of stock) is $10 more than the home site at $14.95 – the second site does have a good video by the designer – thanks

  1. TacoTruck says:

    More marketing gimmicks. Case may have been a great company but those days are clearly behind us.

  2. george says:

    i usually don’t buy when i feel that i’m being played.
    case, yer playin me.

  3. tom in manalapan says:

    once upon a time, Case knives were sold next to the register at the honest-to-G*d hardware store, presumably as an impulse item. One would get a good quality knife for not a lot of money. The company didn’t need to market because their targets knew what was being offered.
    Am I hallucinating history does anyone else remember it this way?

    • Blair says:

      No, you definitely aren’t hallucinating, it was that way for years. But the local independent hardware stores are(and have been for some time) a thing of the past, and so it seems are the old displays of Case knives next to the register.

  4. Tyler says:

    I just picked up a Case Copperlock from SMKW, because I wanted a Sheeple-friendly lockback that I could carry in my back pocket…Plus, Case makes beautiful knives and the Navy Blue jigged-bone is gorgeous…But part of my motivation in getting it quickly was that I had no idea when they would put it back in the vault…Either way, it’s a damn fine knife.

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