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The Dremel Scroll Station has been in the Toolmonger shop almost since the beginning of Toolmonger. It sits on a shelf, quietly minding its business until we come up with some strange call for it and drag it out from its slumber to cut funky shapes. Without really thinking about it, we’ve never even reviewed another scroll saw because it became the standard by which we judged other saws — a judgment that left many others lacking.

It is true that the mention of cutting something with a Dremel often sends images of rotary tools springing to mind. In our case, it’s a knowing nod that the Scroll Station was involved. The 18″ throat handles most projects (including some headboard cutout work I just cranked out on it) with relative ease.

Other than the air puffer snapping off in the first week, the Dremel has been the junkyard dog in the shop since it arrived: it gets no respect, no glam, no gentle treatment — just the expectation that it’ll do its job to earn its keep, and for just shy of five years the Scroll Station has been doing just that. The controls are still tight and right where they should be. The table’s still flat (even after being used as a step-stool during busy days) and, besides the occasional snapping blade, it has required no maintenance.

Unexpectedly hardcore, the Scroll Station has survived in a shop that doesn’t always treat it very well. After several years of that, even we must take our hats off in salute.

1830-01 18″ Scroll Station [Dremel]
Dremel Scroll Station [Toolmonger]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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10 Responses to TM’s Fav’s 2011: Dremel Scroll Station

  1. Gary Z says:

    You need to more than salute, how about a wax job on the table and a quick cleaning……Poor thing. Seriously, this saw is an example of Dremel making a great product.

  2. Ben says:

    agree with gary,
    jeez put some deruster on it and give a nice waxing.

  3. Old as Dirt says:

    It appears that Dremel may not make this saw anymore.It is not shown on Dremel web site and not available on Amazon.com.Amazon site says not available and don’t know if it will ever be.

  4. Dan says:

    Further confirmation they’re discontinued (and have been since 2009) here:


  5. b. foo says:

    I have that same scroll saw and use it heavily around Xmas time, making ornaments for gifts and whatnot. Sturdy and works like a champ. You can still buy them from CPO.

  6. Dan says:

    Where does CPO have them for sale? their page says “This item is no longer available.” — is there somewhere else they’re listed?

  7. Rick says:

    Found one in a local pawn shop after reading the article…$45 bucks and mine is now cleaned AND waxed.
    Seems solid…just cut a 1/2″ thick plywood scroll and
    No choking and no blade worries…clean cut and nice edges
    needs no sanding for a paint ready plywood edge (after using Bondo to fill voids that is…)

  8. joe homeowner says:

    I dig scroll saws. I have one bought at the old builders square years ago. Mao Shan its called. A piece of junk.
    But it works and gets the job done, whenever I need one.

  9. K.Rasikas says:

    Dremel Scroll Station – where and how to get the instrument

    I am from Lithuania and I am 10 years.

  10. waseem sajjad says:

    nice ilike it

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