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Here at Toolmonger we tend to order products and tools from many outlets instead of the all-eggs-in-one-basket approach. This leads us to discover roads to project success that we might’ve otherwise overlooked. We had hopes that the viagra usa Furniture Knowledge site would be one of those sweet finds — but that unfortunately may not be the case.

I needed some alcohol-based wood stain to tint a can of clear shellac. A little searching found a good deal on the Furniture Knowledge site for a pint of Dark Red Mahogany stain. I sent the order, pleased that I’d scored exactly what I wanted — and even in the right amount.

Soon after, the trouble started. The phone buzzed with a rep from Furniture Knowledge on the other end, telling me they were out of the pint and I’d have to change the color or bump the order to a quart size. It was a little over $6 more on a small order, and tons more than I’d ever need to tint shellac, but I wanted the color. They “put in the change” and said it would ship the next day. Annoying; however, we understand these things happen.

If only that were the last difficulty in the process.

A week goes by: no wood stain. I sent a gentle reminder asking in polite terms where my order was. I got a very polite response email saying that they were very sorry but they forgot to send it. More nerves twinged at the base of my brain.

Another five days passed and I received a small, leaking, brown and red box on the front porch. I knew it must be either the wood stain or that severed human hand I ordered. After picking the box up and getting a good look at the freshly-stained brick and mortar of my porch beneath it, I knew it had to be the stain (mostly because years of childhood play have taught me blood comes off brick with a good lashing of the garden hose). I left the now custom-colored porch and headed for the shop to see what the damage in the box looked like.

In short, it wasn’t a pretty scene. The bag that wrapped the stain had about three inches of standing, blood-colored stain in it and had obviously not held all the leaking liquid from the “sealed” container. Fun times.

To put it mildly, I am annoyed. I’m sure all their transactions don’t turn out like this — but honestly, trying to better my average with them is not high on my list right now.

Furniture Knowledge [Website]


9 Responses to Customer Service Aftertaste

  1. Fong says:

    That sucks. It’s always disappointing when trying a new specialized vendor, expecting more personalized service reveals the reason why you’ve probably never heard of them. What now? Will you let them know what happened and give them a chance to make it right?

  2. Marc says:

    That’s lamesauce Sean! Unfortunately, it sounds like you reenacted the role of Brad Pitt in the movie Seven. Hope a pressure washer can take care of the front porch, and that the vendor attempts to make amends. If your mail carrier swings by today and reports your porch as a crime scene let us know how the interrogation goes! ; )

  3. browndog77 says:

    The vendor sounds like a headache in itself, but that leaky package(along with whatever actual damage you have to your porch) is by and large the responsibility of the shipper. If it wasn’t leaking in their truck, maybe the damaged container is their doing. If it was, why would anyone w/ half a brain place it on a customer’s porch? I wouldn’t hesitate to call them!

  4. shotdog says:

    You can buy powdered dyes in a rainbow of colors from reputable supply houses. I get mine from Lee Valley. The powders are soluble in water, alcohol or lacquer thinner. You can control the density of color easily. sd

  5. Mac says:

    The carrier almost certainly has most of the blame here, but the vendor may not have sealed the package well enough. From the looks of it, we’ll never know if that was the case or not. But obviously it got some rough handling in transit.

    Contact the carrier and complain to document the incident, but I wouldn’t expect anything, nor pursue it any further. It’s not worth the expense.

    I feel your frustration though – I could tell about a dozen shipping/handling horror stories.

  6. swedub says:

    I’d blame the retailer. They obviously packed it poorly. For instance, most carriers won’t reimburse charges on damaged contents unless you double box the contents. Only people who ship expensive/fragile/insured stuff double box their shipments. You have to expect your package to get thrown a few times when humans are sorting them. I ship quite a few packages every day and often when I drop them off at the loading dock I see them throw the packages several feet into various bins right away, before I even turn around. Good rule of thumb is about 2 inches of padding all around. I would have double or triple bagged that bottle as well.

  7. Gary Z says:

    This is a good reason to buy from a local retailer if possible. Both Rockler and Woodcraft sell Trans Tint which can be used to tint finishes. Both have a staff that understands and will take you through the steps to get a successful finish. It may cost a couple of bucks more for the product, but you will get what you need, and easy recourse if something is not right.

  8. Andy says:

    Bummer – I’d definitely contact the company, and if they’re jerks about it, report back here and leave them on your dirt list. I’d report it to the Better Business Bureau also – I usually check there before ordering from an unknown source. (Note – a quick check reveals that “Furniture Knowledge” isn’t listed on the BBB site…)
    As for tinted dyes, I’ll second the recommendation for the powdered dyes from Lee Valley! Not only do you get more customization of the dye itself, but ordering from LV is ALWAYS an experience in top-of-the-line customer service. 🙂

  9. Rick says:

    I was very shocked to see this post, since we always try to provide the best customer service, plus free woodworking and restoration advise. Unfortunately for any supplier there will be that occasional order that will not go right. We don’t sell enough of the stains to stock them fresh on our own shelves, so we have to rely on an outside source for dropship. Our other products normally ship the same or next day. It is unfortunate for Sean who received the damaged shipment, and I assume it was damaged during transit. Why would anyone ship a leaking container? We never heard back about this from him in order for us to make it right.

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