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Now firmly escaped from the Fein grip, it seems like the cut/sand multi-tool has made an appearance in almost every manufacturer’s tool line, from Bosch [What’s This?] to Harbor Freight. Now Ryobi offers one, too, and as you might expect — given the surprising quality of some of their recent One+ line tools — it looks like it’s firmly in the middle price and quality-wise. Read on for a quick look.

So the specs read like most other similar products — 20,000 OPM (that’s oscillations per minute), for example — but one thing stands out: Ryobi’s JobPlus features a removable head like the RIDGID JobMax, and the kicker is that they’re interchangeable.

The basic tool (the P236 JobPlus “base” plus the P570 multi-tool head) lists for $70 at Home Depot, and seems to be sold pretty much exclusively sans-battery, sort of as you’d expect for most One+ tools. This one’s green, so it’ll accept either the newer One+ lithium-ion batteries or (assuming you still have some) the old One+ NiCds. The “kit” also includes a wood/metal cutting blade, a segment saw blade, a sanding pad, some sandpaper, and the now-common “universal multi-tool accessory adaptor.”

If you’ve got something in the One+ line with a battery, like maybe their pretty kick-ass inexpensive li-ion drill/driver, this isn’t a bad way to get into the oscillating tool game. If you’re starting from scratch, the RIDGID might make more sense, as it sells for $100 complete with battery and charger. Either way you’ll have access to pretty much all the available accessories and job heads.

We’ll have to give one of these a try when we can scrounge up a project for one, but if you happen to have one, we’d love to hear from you in comments.

18V JobPlus Multi-Tool [Ryobi]
Street Pricing [Google]


36 Responses to Ryobi’s One+ Version of the Ubiquitous Multi-Tool

  1. Paul says:

    Sadly missing from the Makita lineup so far.

    • Manimal says:

      An associate at the Cicero, IL Home Depot told me that Makita will have a corded and an 18v cordless oscillating tool by February or March of 2012. I would much rather wait for a makita. I was considering the Milwaukee 12v at the store, but Milwaukee has been making crappy tools since they got bought by TTI.

  2. johnnyp says:

    Got one from Amazon last year,corded,very handy tool, $39. Won’t buy any more cordless crap. Just noticed today that DeWalt changed the design of their batteries. They are learning a Sears trick, the rest will follow suit.I’ll drag out a cord rather than pay for a decent battery (you usually get the lowest rated battery when you buy these tools) that will last.Of course you can always have your dead batteries rebuilt with something decent for the price of crap batteries in the box stores.

    • Rick says:

      re: johnnyp – I said the samething about cordless tools until Milwaukee came out w the lithium batteries.They dont discharge in your toolbox like the ni cad do and you dont feel/hear the drain while using the tool.

      • Clint says:

        Maybe, 2 years in 2 batteries dead lithium is not the savior everyone makes them out to be.

        • Brau says:

          Same here. My Ni-Cads have been going strong for near a decade in comparison.

          Also, unlike Ni-Cads, L-ion batteries give no indication when the charge is down meaning everything seems good until you go to use it 50ft into a dark crawlspace and find it dead. A mostly discharged Ni-Cad can likely still do the job, albeit a bit slowly.

          Love the light weight of L-Ion, dislike short lifetime, expense, and the fact they suddenly drop dead when they need recharging.

          • Brian says:

            My cordless tools each have two batteries. When the one on the tool goes out, the second is ready.

            Lithium batteries need to be stored charged and don’t need to be drained. Keep them top off with charge and they will last a long time. Same with your cell phone, charge every night you can.

            Ni-Cad batteries need to be fully discharged before recharging. So store the second empty. Fortunately, the Ni-Cad tells you when its low so you charge the second without too much delay. Run them full cycle and they will last.

        • Crazy Ivan says:

          I used to be a big fan of the Ryobi cordless lineup, and then @ 2005 their NiCads suddenly turned into turds on me; the newer the battery, the shorter the life, until I had maybe *one* that would possibly hold a decent charge; I swore them off and said “never again”, but was depressed because I had so many of the tools and they were suddenly useless. THEN the Ryobi Li-Ions came out… I was skeptical at first, but then I took a leap of faith and bought some used from a pawn shop, with the 18v impact driver; that was one of my best purchases ever! I bought one of their less expensive, “short” Li-ion batteries as a back-up, and it has a fairly short cycle life, but recharges fast and well, and has maintained the same exact discharge duration for almost three years now. Clearly the more expensive, ‘full sized’ batt is better and lasts longer, and it also has showed no signs of turning into a brick like all of my Ni-Cads. Also, the bigger battery has a built-in LED charge indicator push-test light that seems fairly accurate. I use these batteries with all of my older Ryobi cordless 18v tools with no problems, and they give a good run in everything from the impact drill, angle drill, impact driver, and the portable wet/dry large shop vac (not the hand-held thing) that is a freaking LIFE SAVER. Also, I do not work for Ryobi or Home Despot, nor am I connected with anyone who does; I just believe in bragging on something good when I find it. I wish I could afford to replace all of my old crap Ni-Cads with these new Plus batts.

  3. mike says:

    A bit off subject, but, I bought 18 volt ni-cad Milwaukee stuff about 4 years ago. Nothing has broke yet, but one of the ni-cad batteries crapped out. I wanted to upgrade to the lithium-ion batteries and buy an impact driver but the newer 18 volt lith-ion batteries don’t fit the older tools. Now I have to decide, try Milwaukee again secure in the knowledge that they will change batteries again or go with another brand that is backwards compatible.

  4. Justin says:

    You guys seemed to have missed the most important difference between the ryobi and ridgid. The ryobi is 18 volt, versus the ridgids 12.

  5. Mike Lee says:

    Give me lithium or give me death!

  6. Senorpablo says:

    Interestingly, the Ryobi and Ridgid heads are interchangeable.

  7. Robert D says:

    I bought this a while ago at HD. No other Heads were available, but the sales person said the Ridged would fit.
    My response was that all Ridgid prices are usually higher, so i want the Ryobi heads as shown on the box. Several months later, still not at HD.

  8. Ian says:

    Bought a bosch recently – corded. The thing is unbelievably useful. I find myself reaching for it all the time. I can not imagine cordless though. I have had a number of jobs that were short and sweet but i have also used it for a bunch of jobs that required continuous running for 10-20 minutes or more. I’d recommend corded.

  9. johnnyp says:

    Milwaukee,Bosch and Dewalt are built for tradesman. This is reflected in their price, but I will say this, that the mAh (milliamphour) is much higher than the homeowner stuff. Go on Ebay or google check it out. These batteries are composed of simple 1.5V cells that are wired in series. The quality and composition these individual batteries dictates how long a battery will last.You can lose 2 or 3 cells and not notice. Its when more die you have a problem.I love the convenience of cordless but nothing pisses me off than having a dead battery 5 minutes into a job.

    • Sichuan says:

      Milwaukee tools are not of the high quality they used to be, just as Dewalt tools are not as good as they were before Black & Decker bought Dewalt. I stopped buying Milwaukee tools long ago.

  10. mnoswad1 says:

    The thing is that the same company makes both the ridgid stuff and ryobi.


    However the site lists ridgid as AEG. Same stuff though.

    I like the idea that there is some cross compatibility happening in the cordless area. I would have loved to use my dewalt batteries with the old bosch cordless miter saw.

  11. rob says:

    @johnyp dewalt still makes thier backward compatable nano batteries and their new 20v batteries are just a differnt 18v slide pack configureation

    the avergae 18v lithium tool ryobi makita rigid Milwaukee
    etc use 5 or 10 4.1 volt cell as does dewalt
    but the average voltage of these cells while they are doing most of the work not right of the charger is 3.7v
    which makes around 18.5 volts

    dewalt has gone the same way as most companys did with 10.8 volt line which is call 12v max

    dewalt calls them 20v max

    but I have a the cordless bosch multi tool and a elcheepo corded one the cordless lives in my work box I use a fair bit the corded one lives at home and gets dragged out for big jobs

  12. HammerDrillJoe says:

    I picked up this Ryobi since I have extensive set of One+ tools and Li Ion batteries. I must say I was surprised by the power of this thing. Still, I think I would use my corded Rocky if I was cutting thru oak flooring for a heat register. I also have a corded Rockwell and the blades are interchangeable even without using an adapter. I have a bunch of different adapters so I can use any blade on the market for both my Rocky and now this new Ryobi. Not sure what over heads I will purchase, maybe the hammer?

  13. Fabian says:

    I love my Rockwell cordless oscillating tool. Picked it up at Osh some time ago on sale and it has been great for tons of jobs around the house. The accuracy I can get to for cuts is simply amazing. It also has a lifetime battery warranty to boot.

    Just wish is had a spring loaded trigger like this one shown above, seem a bit safer.

  14. Andy says:

    HD has a coupon/promo going for the Ridgid versions that includes a free second tool head. I’m thinking corded Ridgid with the mini-recip head.

  15. dj georgie says:

    Well I think this is the first 18v multi tool I’ve waiting for.

    All the other ones I’ve seen are corded or 12v. Finally a cordless multi tool with a lil bit of power.

  16. jesse says:

    The article failed to mention the compatibility of the accessories. When Fein’s patent ran out, some manufacturers followed the de facto Fein standard for attaching accessories, some did not. Why they did not is anybody’s guess, perhaps to lock buyers into their own accessories. A poor decision IMHO.

    Some companies have adapters, Bosch I think being one of them, but better for the consumer if there were universal accessories.

    In the long run the cost of the tool itself may be less than the cost of the consumable accessories, and some of them are damn expensive.

  17. Michael says:

    I have a ….Harbor Freight oscillating tool $54.99 …with a cord. I bought it vs the multi-million Fein and before everyone and their brother had one of these…battery operated no less.
    I have had the HF in the box for quite awhile since I got it–but just used it to scrape paint off an old garage vs a manual scraper–wow, it worked well. Then I used it to cut some vertical trim pieces (in place) and it worked great for that too.

    The cord hasn’t been that big an inconvenience working with this–my only complaints would be about the tool attachment. First it takes an allen wrench and a minute (don’t misplace the allen wrench)–not exactly the flip and set of the Fein And even more of a complaint then that is that there are a couple of little “pins” on the tool head that stick thru holes on the tool attachments to hold it in place along with the allen screw. Those pins need to be a little longer as they can vibrate out of the holes sometimes, ie not long enough.


  18. Steve says:

    Thought you might want to know that the color of the Ryobi tool doesn’t matter, as far as which batteries will work with it. I’ve used Ryobi li-ion batteries with the older Homelite power tools (the predecessor to Ryobi), as well as with the blue NiCd line, and they all worked fine.

  19. Thomas Goodman says:

    I own one of these Ryobi Cordless multi-tools and run it with one of my Ryobi Li-ion+ batteries. First, the batteries are awesome compared with the old Ni-cads. Secondly, this tool works great! Without the cord, it is as handy as you cordless drill. Plus you can change the position of the head for more trigger position options. Can’t wait to get the angle drill attachment.

  20. leemack says:

    Got the MultiTool 6 months ago. Useful to cut cut treated pine decking timbers when doing a refurbishment, but SLOW! Tried cutting holes in 8mm ply (hardwood), took so long the unit Overheated … !! and Stopped.
    Then I borrowed a Bosch 240v unit, Cut the ply like a Hot Knife Through Butter!
    Tried the Bosch blade comparo in the Ryobi, pretty much same performance. Ryobi blade in Bosch, quick az cutting… actually pretty despondent at this point .. Anyone got any similar experience? I really wanted the Ryobi to kick everyone’s arse . 😉

    am trying to figure out what is the difference. Perhaps the angle of oscillation, does the Bosch move too and fro more than the Ryobi ?

  21. RM-Tech says:

    Just my two cents regarding LI batteries annoying habit of dying without a warning. LI battery life is severely affected by being discharged to a 0 volt level. Their life is also affected by overheating. You may only get 50% of full capacity after each one of those deep discharge episodes. To counter those problems, the batteries have internal electronics to cut off power if a battery gets above a certain temperature or if the internal cells reach a low voltage threshold. That is why you get a sudden cutoff from a LI battery when you run it down to that low level. You don’t get a warning, the battery just turns off on you.
    Here is another scenario where the batteries may behave differently; You get your 1/2″ 18 volt drill and using a Ni-Cad battery proceed to stir a bucket concrete mix or even drywall mud. It’s a contest right. Will you run out of battery power first or will the drill just burn up? Typically, if you bought the right tool, the drill will survive and the battery will give all it’s got until it runs out of power. The drill and battery will get very hot and it will be hard to hold them in your hand, but it will get the job done. If you try that with a LI battery, there is a good chance that the battery’s internal heat sensor will cut power off half way through the job.

  22. Doug Edwards says:

    Are different heads available for Ryobi Multitool RMT1801 such as a drill head.

  23. Roger Fournier says:

    Does the outside temperature while storing a Lithium battery alter its lifespan?
    Seems that the batteries that were exposed to below freezing temps do not work as well.

  24. bryan says:

    JobPlus has just stopped working. Battery OK as it works in the Ryobi drill and is fully charged.

    There are no on/off switches that I see.


  25. Keniz says:

    I have use Rockwell F50, and I wouldn’t have believed how remarkable this wonderful tool is, it’s fast and very effective on the job, TIP if you run it a slower speed less heat build up on blades it will last much longer, because they are not exactly cheap…

  26. Marion Nelson says:

    Where and how can I get the replacement, triangular sanding “pads”? The few that come with the One + are fine, but the crap H Depost sells doesn’t fit the head well, doesn’t stick well, is flimsy and a poor product. Don’t see a place to get the real thing.

  27. Alan says:

    I have several of the Ryobi 185v tools but sadly the Multi Tool just dot seem to be of the same standard as the rest of the line. We are presently doing some “Light” renovations on our house. I bought our first unit in July last year and used it 3 times (on pine) before it just stopped working. Second unit replaced under warranty no problem. Second unit has worked well until today when the second unit has now failed (same as before just stopped, not even wear parks on the blade. Is this a Brush problem, has anyone else had this issue. Am taking it back tomorrow????

  28. Bradley Scheirer says:

    My3rd Ryobi just stopped working, I really need one
    Do I try a 4th?

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