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We’d like to extend our thanks to Stanley Black and Decker for their generous sponsorship of this and a number of upcoming projects we have planned for Toolmonger. In exchange for this sponsorship, they’ve asked that we produce a number of videos featuring their products, and we’ve agreed. You’ll see these over the next month or so clearly labeled “sponsored video.”

This first video features the Bostitch LPF21PL Low Profile Framing Nailer, which we use to make life for a member of my family a little easier.


18 Responses to Sponsored Video: Cat Ramp Project

  1. BJN says:

    Great vid. I’m especially impressed with narration of “LPF21PL…” I’d have given up and just called it the Bostitch nail gun.

    I can haz handi-kat acksess?

  2. GAC says:

    “I can haz handi-kat acksess?”

    I lol’d.

  3. Matt says:

    Great video! Keep ’em coming!


  4. FredB says:

    Cool project. Live projects like this seem a very good way for manufacturers to get the word out on what their tools can do.

    Lucky cat. I did notice that the cat wasn’t doing any of the work.

  5. rob says:

    awesome idea
    and kodo’s on the sponsorship
    hopefully it doesn’t lead to only sponsored tools here
    I have enjoyed the semi unbiased reviews

  6. cheerIO says:

    Great video! Very professional looking. Totally reminded me how much I miss the podcasts. Are you going to do a review on that nailer? I need a good/affordable gun for the shop when building crates.

  7. Brau says:

    Awww! Lucky kitty! Now my old backyard lion gonna be jealous.

  8. Andy says:

    Nice video.

    How does the compensation for a sponsor work? Do you guys get paid, keep the tools, or both?

  9. dreamcatcher says:

    That cat is gonna wiz on yer bed. You’ve been warned.

  10. PutnamEco says:

    Need alternate content, not everyone can see flash video.

  11. browndog77 says:

    I’ve been planning a similar project for a pooch w/ a torn ACL. He seems to have re-acquired the ability to jump onto the bed, so it is now on hold, but thanks for the design tips! I would, at some point, like to hear more about that nail gun.

  12. Rembret says:

    One more cat reference in a post and you’re going to lose your man-card.

  13. @Rembret We’ve been over this – there’s nothing wrong with a guy who appreciates cats.

    Real men are confident enough to like whatever animals they want, and they don’t need approval (or cards) to assure them of their masculinity. Sheesh.

  14. Stephen says:

    Great project and a very good thing to do as a pet owner. Often pet owners just neglect their animals when they get older and just accept the fact they can’t do things like hop on the bed — this really shows that you truly care about your pet. Great product and looks clean and isn’t an eyesore.

  15. DoItRite says:

    The inspector is going to require a guardrail on the open sides of that ramp. And I think that the pitch exceeds ADA maximum.

  16. Kelly says:

    Hi! Loved the video and want to make one for my 15yr old cat. I’m crafty but a “newby” to freestyle wood projects. It would be helpful if at the beginning or end to have a “What You Will Need” List and what sizes to to cut the wood etc. Cuz right now, I have no clue what to tell the sales person what wood etc I need…
    Thank you for any help you can give! Thanks!!

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