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As Black Friday gets closer, some of the posted ads are already trying to chum the water. Home Depot, for instance, is rolling hard on the kitchen appliances. Discounts of up to $700 apply to some of the big-ticket kitchen items. While these select deals are going to be on sale for this price on the day of consumer darkness and they are lower than current offers, it may not be the deal you think it is.

Just last week I was in Home Depot and the very same fridge discounted for $700 in the ad was sitting near the front doors with a giant sign pinned to it that read “$625 off!” You may be thinking “Great, another $75 off!” however that’s just another sliver off of a $1900¬†refrigerator. Not really a savings when you think about it. It was just overpriced and no one bought it in the first place.

Even if you’re in love with the stainless look and can’t go cheap, why not just get one of the other units on sale and get away for another $400 less? The beer doesn’t care how expensive the fridge it’s sitting in is, and as long as you can shove a pizza box in and get the door shut there’s space enough for everything you need to fit.

If you were planning a raid on appliances anyway, Black Friday may be the way to go, but use your head and don’t let stickers like “$700 off!” sucker you in. If you didn’t need it beforehand, you don’t need it now.

Black Friday Ad [Home Depot]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Home Depot Black Friday Ad

  1. Rick says:

    Some of those deals are the same sales they had last week.

  2. JJ says:

    Those are not the black friday deals, those are pre black friday sales. (aka another typical week sale). For BF ads keep an eye on this page for upcoming adscans. (home depot is not leaked yet, but lowes is).


  3. Jerry says:

    All good points. Also, take a look at the model year – just like cars, appliances lose value with age. If it’s a year old when you buy it, you should get a huge amount off. As for the stainless appliances, I have read somewhere that many are simply “overcoated” with a VERY thin stainless veneer sort of thing. Not that it detracts from appearance but is that what you wanted? And if you really wanted the appliance but were thinking about that extra $75 off, simply ask a clerk to ask the manager if they will take another $75 off if you buy it today. They want it gone and will likely make you a better deal. The first markdown is rarely the last.

  4. Cliff says:

    Good points, but you also have to remember the service you get even if you are spending a little more. Our Encintas Home Depot has amazingly good service, so even if the fridge was $75 buck cheaper somewhere else, chances are I wouldn’t go there.
    This has been the case with Bed Bath and Beyond where I bought my blender. I use it about two times a day, without fail, I burn it up or it leaks in 3-4 months. Bed, Bath and Beyond always gives me a new one. I pay more than I might at Walmart – even for the same product, but in the end, I pay for service and support for a long term investment even it is being replaced once a quarter. All that being said, you still have to do your research.
    Btw– love the site!

  5. rg says:

    Your last sentence is the best advice. If you couldn’t afford it in the first place, then it’s never a “good deal”.

  6. Gary Z says:

    I hope the last sentence doesn’t apply to buying tools, if it does I’m in deep s—!

  7. Toolfreak says:

    I try to avoid HD during Black Friday. They are one of the worst companies when it comes to their advertising, making all sorts of threats and demands about the contents of their BF ad not being revealed or discussed before THEY officially give permission.

    Doesn’t seem to make any sense if you want to people to shop at your store. I’ll take my business to Lowe’s, who by contrast, ENCOURAGE people to buy from them by revealing the BF deals way ahead of time and even making an event and contest out of it.

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