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I’ve been in the shop with heavy-duty projects the entire week, working with long boards on both the miter saw and table saw. My roller stand has been uber-handy, but a second one would be even better. Looking around a little, I found this Fliptop roller buy Rockler that has ball bearings on the top.

The only issue I have with the one I’ve got is that if the roller is not perfectly aligned with the incoming board, it will tend to kick the feed out to the reverse of whatever angle it’s off on the receiving end. In short, it can give you a wobble in your cutting line. The ball bearings on the Rockler roller seem like they would track better for tablesaw feeds.

Realistically, $99 is more than I’d ever spend on this — hell, the one I have was a hand-me-down from Chuck’s dad. However, in a perfect world, have the Fliptop roller would be sweet.

Fliptop Roller Stand [Rockler]


9 Responses to Rockler Fliptop Roller Stand

  1. JR says:

    For sure building an outfeed table is the way to go, but if you want to use a stand, take a look at this similar one from Lowes (search for item #339863 at lowes.com), it seems similar to the Rockler one not as expensive.

  2. James R. Mason says:

    Yeah, Lowes had them on sale for $25 a couple of weeks ago. I bought two.

  3. johnnyp says:

    I use a roller on my table saw and chop saw , never a problem. That stand I believe is designed to used with a band saw. The work is usually moved in several different directions. Balls have been around for awhile but this offers the combination. The old man had saw horses built to the proper height for each tool.Basically it is a space saver.

  4. fred says:

    The Ridgid brand flip-top is an alternative that I like for jobsite saws where (unlike in the shop) itis impractical to set up peramanent infeed and outfeed tables


  5. Brau says:

    Yeah, don’t pay over $25. Wait for sales.

    I do have one issue with the design of these though: Why 4 legs? If there’s any unevenness in the floor they wobble badly (skew the cut). I ended up making mine into tripods. Works better for me.

  6. Gary Z says:

    Rockler does sell a stand with just bearings. The newer versions have cam like feet that can be adjusted to compensate for an uneven floor. They are much less expensive than the combo. One kind of odd benefit is that when folded up they can stand straight up and don’t need to be leaned on anything when stored, taking up less room.

  7. Joe says:

    Northern Tool sells one very similar, but maybe with a less sturdy base, for $19.99. Any handy person with a welder could certainly modify the base for personal preference.

    Northern Industrial Roller Stand with Rolling Balls
    Item# 110832 Only $19.99

  8. Adam says:

    The Jaw Stand by Rockwell, and the older Multi Stand by Triton make for a much more convenient portable outfeed. they have tripod legs, set very wide and sturdy. The top can be used as is, since it has 2 arched pieces of slick plastic that wont cause tracking issues. However, my favorite thing to do is to take a 2 by 4 foot piece of melamine with a 2×4 attached vertically underneath it, which can be clamped in the small jaw of the head. This makes for a very portable “full size” outfeed table. you can even use 2 of these to use as legs for a 2×4 framed sheet cutting bench.

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