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Look hard. See how many possible bad outcomes you can come up with from this gem posted up on There I Fixed It. When I got to 12 explosion/fire laced choose-your-own-adventure endings, I had to post it.

Seriously, don’t ever do this. The glorious fireball that is the result of bungee straps letting go or, say, clipping a hydrant, is almost visible in the picture. We understand about not having the cash to replace a gas tank, but surely a better spot could be found to mount it up. I envision the other side has a 50 cal. autocannon slung low. You know, A-Team style.

Plus, that’s an F-150 with a V8. I’m guessing that five-gallon bad boy gives that truck about a 35-mile range.

Gas Tank’s on The Left, Right? [thereifixedit]


10 Responses to The Wrong Kind of Gas Tank

  1. Over the River says:

    One shouldn’t park that close to a fire hydrant; but in this case it may be a good idea.

  2. rg says:

    Actually, the external auxilliary fuel tank was a factory option for that model year.

    As you know, over the years, Ford made a lot of special models, like the Shelby Mustang. If you watch the Barret-Jackson Auctions, you’d realize this is actually a rare 1980 Ford F-150 “Wedco” edition.

    Worth a fortune …

  3. browndog77 says:

    Why so low? The better to siphon yours with, my dear! Dirtbags indeed!

  4. Fong says:

    With this ingenuity, there must be a secondary tank on the right side of the bed. 70 mile range easy!

  5. Assen says:

    Makes a perfect companion to those vehicles with rags for gas filler plugs (wicks).

  6. Eddie says:

    What about the level of the “auxillary” gas tank. Can the gas pump actually get the gas from this gas can into the system?

  7. mike foley says:

    Don’t worry guys! That external fuel pod is mounted on an old roller skate, so it rolls alongside just fine!

  8. Sean O'Hara says:

    Mike Foley +1 my homie.

  9. Shy Guy says:

    Wait a second, I think that’s my friends pick-up truck

  10. K!P says:

    don’t trucks like this come with a nice well ventilated storage area on the back end? aka: the bed?

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