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We are not so stuck-up here at Toolmonger that we won’t say when things are right. We talk about trucks all the time but more often than not, another workhorse of the job site is completely overlooked — the Jeep.

Longtime reader Tmib_Seattle posted this picture of a Jeep hauling a welding table across the dirt. This is not a soccer-mom SUV that’s never seen the dirt or a giant Hummer with more polished chrome than a Harley. These gents are yanking hundreds of pounds of solid steel around by the tail in a situation where no other option was readily available.

Not only is a Jeep just as good as a truck in some cases, it’s downright cool when you get shots like this going on. As always, well done Tmib; our hats are off and beers are up in salute to you and your building crew.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


9 Responses to From the Flickr Pool: Real Working Jeeps

  1. jeff_williams says:

    If I remember correctly the last time we saw that table on the move in the flickr pool was when it was being moved by a backhoe. That table must be heavy.

  2. Jim says:

    I used to pull down standing dead trees and drag them out to the beach in a 1986 Dodge Diplomat. It is nice to see a Jeep being used for something useful though. I did use my 1953 Willys CJ3B to drag a 600# wood burning furnace up my basement stairs and outside (through the door at the top of the stairs). I nailed down two 2×4’s to the stair treads to facilitate skidding it up. Snagged the carpet half way up through. Oops!

  3. Dave says:

    Do you reckon that thing wouldn’t have got moved if there wasn’t a jeep there? Very rare indeed is “a situation where no other option was readily available”. You just might not like the other options.

  4. RipRip says:

    That winch line is doubled up, that sucker must be heavy!!!

  5. TMIB_Seattle says:

    I figure the table is around 1500 lbs. We didn’t want to tear down the shelter that was built around it (since it’ll be our new outdoor classroom area) and we needed to get it out to where the excavator could pick it up. This had to be done before the roof beams went up on the new smithy building, so the excavator would have room to raise the bucket enough. (we didn’t want to drag the table across the footing as the concrete was only a week old.)

    The table had to move about 10 feet, turn a corner, then get moved out about another 10 feet. The first pull was at an odd angle, since there wasn’t a lot of room to get in front of it. In theory a truck could have hitched a chain to it and dragged it that way, but there wasn’t much clearance around and getting a full-sized truck into that space would have meant parking in the bushes.

    I first flipped the table over by jacking it up with my hi-lift jack, then hooked up to one of the legs with the tree strap & snatch block.

    As it was, I pulled it by one leg to rotate it out, then switched legs a few times to rotate it clear of the corner.

    I always double up my winchline if I have the room, as it halves the load on the winch.

    Once I had the table clear, we just used the excavator to move it the rest of the way.

    Were there other ways to do it? Certainly. This was the most convenient at the time, and it worked quite well. It got the job done quickly and easily, and didn’t hold up progress- that was key, as we needed to get it moved in quickly (and the excavator moved out) so we could get the remaining beams up. When you’re working with volunteers and rented machinery, you need to get as much done as possible while you have both resources in the same place at the same time. 🙂

    There’s more pictures in the pool of building construction. We’ll be doing more at the end of the month.

  6. Mac says:

    Cool stuff.

    I miss my old Jeep. Sold it around 285K miles. I put it to good use (don’t want to say ‘abused’). Motor still going pretty strong.

  7. hmbemis says:

    Jeeps get all the glory… but there are plenty of other vehicles out there getting abUSED on a daily basis… I’m partial to my S-10 Chevy Blazer… last winter it was used a battering ram to shut the rear door on full construction dumpster… this spring it pulled several small trees out of the ground… during Irene the other day I used a clamp on the throttle cable to hold it at 1200rpm for 6 hours providing power for the sump pump and TV through an inverter. It just turned 168K miles the other week.

  8. zaw says:

    I remember when my dad was expending our house back in Burma, the carpenter crew use the jeep to haul all the lumbers and tools.

    They parked the jeep against the tree, jack up the rear wheels, replaced the rear wheel with a pulley, install belt on pulley which connect to lumber mill and do all the cutting that they needed.

    After that they rig up pulley system and use the jeep’s winch and jeep it self to lift large beams where they needed.

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