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We discuss our recent small truck posts. We run down the DeWalt 12V generic cialis 10mg MAX flashlight. Remember: If you’ve got a question or comment you can call us at 214-296-9229. (Podcast Download)


9 Responses to Tool Talk #65: Small Trucks, DeWalt Flashlight

  1. Mike says:

    Love seeing the podcast come back! What happened to 62-64? Know you guys are busy but when ever you can do a podcast they are greatly enjoyed.

  2. rob says:

    the ranger has been the 1 selling small truck in north america for forever

    and the 4L ranger can tow and haul as well as many things out there with I have owned a bronco 2 or explorer forever
    and well I am going to miss the small truck I am currently looking for a b2200 or 2600 to stuff over done motor from my probe but my first ranger is still kicking
    as my utility trailer and it is has been still great
    my explorer is bought the same reason it holds all my tools and it locks it is my 4×4 tool box I live in a city built on a hill so the 4×4 in the winter is a must

    I miss 4x4ing the bronco 2 all the time

  3. Shopmonger says:

    OMG the podcast is back, did we miss some guys….. The numbers are a tad off….

    Are we truly going to have the podcast back on a regular basis…or is this the one token one for the year….

    Love it

    ShopMonger……Still Mongering even with a blown knee…

  4. Mr. Patrick says:

    what pleasant surprise on my first Saturday in the shop in a month

  5. cheerIO says:

    Yay Podcast!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks guys.

  6. Shy Guy says:

    Re: DeWalt flashlights (not the one in the article though) . I bought a flash light at a DeWalt repair/service center. I was very leary about spending about $40 for it. But after buying it I realized it’s a great flash light. It’s an LED, uses one AA (but is as long as a 2 AA mini-mag light) bright as anything, comes with a lanyard, very good quality.

  7. Eddie Hagler says:

    My first vehicle was a 77 Ford Courrier, my second was an 85 Ford Ranger. At one time I owned an Isuzu P/U as well. A few years ago I owned an old Extended cab Ford Ranger. I sold it after owning it for about a year.

    That first Ranger had electrical problems. The Isuzu was great. I would like to buy another small pickup.

  8. Eddie Hagler says:

    Hey guys… if this is number 65 what happened to 62, 63 and 64?

  9. joe homeowner says:

    I’ve now had my toyota 4×2 reg cab for twenty years. Ive done some minor body work on it. At 108000 miles runs pretty good. I don’t use it much. And never ever drive it in the snow. Much too dangerous with rear wheel drive.

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