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It’s not that we have anything against motocross. We don’t. It’s a sweet sport. Hell, Sean even used to ride competitively. We at Toolmonger are motocross fans, and we love to see cash flowing into the sport. But we’re kinda struggling to see the connection between drills, accessories, and motocross. We’re sure Makita and Bosch have some kind of plan behind the money they’re pouring into the sport — as well as into marketing firms to keep them filling our inboxes with tool-company-branded motocross news and promotional materials like the video above, which we received a while back. (Love the long, slow drive up to the shop with all the moody music, by the way. But why stop the video right as we enter the shop? I was hoping to see someone working on a bike.) So what’s the plan?

Hey — we’ll be the first to admit that maybe we’re missing the point here. Are lots of you woodworkers and other Toolmongers motocross fans? Have you noticed their sponsorships, and are they keeping you more focused on their specific tool products? We get the connection between, say, mechanics tools and NASCAR. But clue us in: What’s the connection here?


5 Responses to Motocross = Drills and Accessories?

  1. CJ says:

    Think they are just targeting a community…. especially a community where a large % of the population is dropping some serious coin on what I would consider luxury/recreational items. Getting motocross teams to use their tools probably makes them a little money getting their fans to think “well if it’s good enough for Team Motocross XYZ then I have to have it in my garage!” even though their fans are probably like me and have a desk job where I just get to dream about using my tools all day. While I have nothing against motocross I’m not a fan… generally I’m not a fan of anything where I watch somebody else have fun and pay a premium price to do it.

  2. Tom327Cat says:

    What I would love to see, as a result is an electric start system that either used a drill as an alternate starter to my off road vehicle, or being able to use my 18V tool battery as my vehicle battery, so I don’t have to worry about all my power toy batteries going bad over the winter.

  3. Fong says:

    I know a lot of moto riders. The thing is if you’re inclined to work on your own bike or your own ride, you’re inclined to fix sh!t around the house. With home improvement on the menu now enters Bosch & Makita tools.

    The thing is, I don’t know ANY moto riders who are also woodworkers. My guess is if they have time to work on a wood project, they’d rather be riding. I’m sure they’re out there but as a demographic, I can’t imagine it’s a majority. Thoughts?

  4. rob says:

    well I own a makita 1/2 cordless impact gun take it with me to the wrecker and I take my cordless grinder and sawzall there too and lets face it ther is likely a drill in every good tool box whats happens when you break a fastener you drill it out

    thier tools are not just wood heck makita makes concrete vibrators and all sorts of stuff

    I bet theres plenty of makita at Suzuki factory as they have a huge industrial sector

  5. hank says:

    What was this video about?

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