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The barbecue grill may be this Toolmonger’s favorite tool. In that light, this past weekend we made an awesome discovery: as we were cleaning out the kitchen cupboards we ran across this awesome Weber grilling cookbook, which I had completely forgotten I had and can’t remember picking up in the first place. The book is almost as old as I am, but the recipes are timeless. What better way to prepare for the upcoming American famous outdoor grilling holiday, Labor Day?

In this 1972 printing of the first edition (Library Of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-85084) Test Recipe Publishers introduce the public to cooking Weber style. The introduction states:

Weber Kettle Cooking opens a whole new world of food enjoyment to both novice and expert cooks. Whether your purchase was a Weber Charcoal or Gas Covered Kettle, you will enjoy preparing the traditional barbecue foods as well as the great number of specialties possible only with a Weber Covered Kettle.

It’s not the cheap and flimsy pamphlets given with today’s products, but a hardcover book covering everything from charcoal placement and gas barbecuing basics to meat selection and gourmet recipes. Side dishes, appetizers, and desserts are also covered, including full recipes for Weber’s specialty sauces. I’ll be narrowing down the recipes to try in a few weeks and I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then — do you have a favorite Labor Day grilling recipe that you use? Do you have any experience with the Weber recipes?

Let’s make Labor Day 2011 a Toolmonger griller special!

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9 Responses to Unexpected Re-Discovery: 1972 Weber Barbecuing Recipes

  1. Toolaremia says:

    Some of the ingredients called-for in that recipe book are illegal today. 😉

  2. Justin says:

    My Dad’s Weber (circa 1995) came with a ring-bound cookbook. My Weber (circa 2008) came with a stapled pamphlet. Times, they are a changin’.

  3. shotdog says:

    Mrs. Dog and I struggled along for years grilling on an endless stream of hubcaps on legs. They cost $5 and lasted a season. When we had a bit of mad money we bought a Weber. It was life changing. The $$ saved on charcoal paid for the kettle in a couple of years. The recipes that came with the kettle are tested and good. Our recipes are stapled, but on quality graphics. Great products although the ignition system on our gas grill crapped out and after $20 for an igniter that didn’t mate with the grill, we gave up and light it with an external source. sd

  4. george says:

    that book is great. have three. webers are the king,queen and jack of grills.

  5. frank says:

    weber is the king in my book for grilling and barbequing
    btw…around here confusing grilling and barbequing is punishable by immediate shunning

  6. Blair says:

    I had the exact same book, sadly I went , and looked, and it seems to have escaped somehow. I do remember it had a lot of great grilling ideas. Fortunately,I have had enough experience with Webers, that I remember at least most of the different techniques for various cuts/types of meats.

  7. browndog77 says:

    A few years back I received a similar book as a gift. The Kingsford Complete Grilling Handbook by Rick Rodgers has been a source for some great meal ideas. It includes a great section on the history & basics of grilling (and BBQing) The sauces, rubs & marinades alone are priceless! I also have the book Barbeque USA, which is loaded w/ recipes from all over the country. It is huge!

  8. OhioHead says:

    My father has a well worn copy of this cookbook, when I am in Cincinnati for Labor Day I will be thumbing through it to get some gem’s of recipes/ideas.

    I am pretty sure my dad wrote his cooking times down in the book after each weekend of grilling for back reference.

    100% agree that the Weber is a good investment that will last for years to come.

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