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Studfinders and wallscanners are a bit of a mystery to me. While I dig them, the requirement for having one is beyond what I have cause to use in everyday projects. But the new wallscanner D-Tect150 uses Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Radar and for some reason, it’s just cool.

Bosch says that the 150 is the first detector to use Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) radar in a wallscanner and that it

…exceeds all other conventional sensor scanners by bringing superior detection depth and accuracy to the job-site.  The Bosch D-tect 150 is also the only scanner in the marketplace that can display material type, depth & relative width information of ferrous and non-ferrous metal, non-metal objects (i.e. wooden studs and plastic pipes) and live AC wires in concrete, wet concrete, deep concrete, in-floor heating, drywall, metal and signal view.

The dizzying amount of sheer data displayed on the screen at one time in the video isn’t something you’re going to need while installing a ceiling fan or fixing a busted water joint in the wall. This is a contractor grade rig for commercial work. It’s also the better part of $800, so posers need not apply. Still, the amount of geekery the scanner puts out with its radar tech is something that would have been considered sci-fi in a portable device 15 years ago.

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2 Responses to Bosch Wallscanner D-tect150

  1. Mrten says:

    I had one of the earlier blue bosch models (GMS120) and it was worse than worthless. Did not detect pipes I was quite sure were there, even with live wires in them. I returned it to the store verry quickly. Ah yes, here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkAlzr5Umm0 (german, sorry).

    This one does look better (and carries a way heftier price tag), but the Bosch name is not automatically gold in this field, be sure to test it a lot before committing to it.

  2. Paul says:

    Check out the Milwaukee 2290-21 M12 sub scanner. Costs much less (under $250) carries 5 year warranty, and is probbaly more likely to work. Its got all the same features as well.

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