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Don’t have $15,000 to install a pool (or can’t get a permit)? Don’t worry. Just pick one up from Costco. Don’t have $4k for a stiff-sided above-ground? No problem! There’s always Wal-Mart. But say you don’t even want to spend $350. Or maybe you’re just wandering through Toys ‘R Us thinking, “It’s pretty hot out. That kiddie pool looks pretty inviting.” Bam! You get what you see above: Aaprime example of what we call good ‘ol down-home Southern engineering.

A reader sent in the photo above, and we cropped it to protect the innocent (and refreshed). It’s not exactly a page out of Architectural Digest, but credit where credit’s due: It appears to be holding water.

Of course, it’s gonna be a mosquito hatchery in a week or so, assuming it doesn’t collapse by then.

Anyway, happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend, however you choose to spend it.


11 Responses to Friday Fun: Southern Engineering

  1. BJN says:

    So somebody rigged up a cheap temporary level spot for a cheap pool? That’s neither very amusing nor worthy of all the snark. An I’m not from the South, but I suspect you may offend a few readers when you equate “southern” with cheap jury-rigged solutions. The tidy little patio in the photo suggests that this is indeed intended to be very temporary, not a mosquito breeding enterprise.

  2. Adding $2 worth of mosquito fish to a still water koi pond has made for a DRASTIC reduction in the number of mosquitos in my yard. I assume that the local population prefer to natural looking still pond to other smaller water sources in the area, lay eggs and have their breeding cycle disrupted by the mosquito fish. I never fed them the 1st year and 5 turned into 60 or more by end of the summer.

    PS – It looks like the owner was trying to implement a shallow end.

  3. Rico says:

    That’s a big project in the South.

  4. TIm says:

    I think it should have read “assuming those bricks don’t collapse within the next 5 minutes.”

  5. Houston says:

    Now that’s hilarious. Reminds me of a former neighbor who propped up his air conditioning unit with milk crates.

  6. zoomzoomjeff says:

    During college finals my buddies brought over a round cattle tank that hadn’t been used yet (i think). The water was wicked cold in May but we still sat in it and drank beers between classes.

    And BJN……lighten up. This isn’t the place to get politically correct or easily offended. It’s all in fun. Try to see the humor.

  7. Pruitt says:

    We have an in-ground now for these 100+days in Dallas, but we tried one of these a few summers back when finances were tighter. It did what we needed, and the kids never minded. I added a piece of old carpet as a ground cloth to protect against small pebbles piercing it. The biggest lesson I (and apparently the guy above) learned: it has to be level or low in the middle or it will roll while filling!

  8. Paul says:

    I’d say its still better than a pickup-bed hot tub 😉

  9. Ricardo Reimundez says:

    Yep, I’m dying to get one of these for my family – but I don’t have a real level spot… but this is inspiring me. lol

  10. Jula says:

    I grew up with a large metal horse tank on the concrete patio in our back yard for a pool. Worked really well, I think we even rigged a tarp to go over the top of it. My neighbors down the street even had a really big one when I was young. Now, my boyfriend and I are going to ‘install’ one at our new house in the next couple years. Easy empty-ing via plug near the bottom of it(put it up on a 2×4 to get the rest of the water out) and easily power-washed clean and tipped over come winter…I sure miss that old thing…


  11. Toolfreak says:

    There just happens to be houses with that same exact pool here in the armpit of the south….and the brain surgeons here put them in the carport instead of their cars rather than out on the lawn.

    Personally, I’ve found a bathtub full of water or a cold shower to be the inexpensive alternative to a pool. Or a hose.

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