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There seems to be two camps when it comes to chainsaws: gas and electric. Normally, the folks in the gas-powered camp will tell you that the electrics just don’t have the grunt required for larger logging gigs. From everything we’ve seen, that’s true — Oregon power tools has a new Li-Ion powered 40v Max Chainsaw that in the demo vid seems to be doing quite well getting through larger trees.

From the manufacturer:

For removing trees, cleaning up after a storm, pruning large branches or clearing debris from property, you can depend on the OREGON PowerNow 40V MAX Chainsaw. The new OREGON PowerNow Chainsaw, with its lithium ion battery pack, offers instant starting without a pull cord, powerful cutting with no-fade power, and long runtime.  It is a smarter, quieter way to work free from the hassles of gasoline or cords.

The saw also features a “powersharp” sharpening feature that Oregon claims will put a keen edge on the chain in 3 to 5 seconds, making the 40 Max close to maintenance-free. Keeping all that in mind, what you trade for all this convenience is the ball-ripping power that a gas-powered rig will put out. Of course if you don’t really need all that power, it’s wasted anyway, so a smaller electric saw would do you just fine.

Oregon PowerNow Tools Chainsaw [YouTube]


18 Responses to Oregon 40v Max Electric Chainsaw

  1. Rich says:

    I was a gas guy, and I really liked my gas saw. But my typical suburban usage made it so that I’d be leaving gas in it for way too long, so it had to get serviced every time I needed to use it again. It’s my only two cycle tool, too. So after the last time I couldn’t start it, and after trying to rebuild it, I just went and bought a cheap electric. Nowhere near the power, the cord is a hassle, the bar is a bit shorter–but it starts every time. I figure I’ll rent a bigger one for the 3% of times I need it. Any one in Southern CA want a cheap gas chainsaw with some tuning up needed?

  2. PutnamEco says:

    I don’t know if I would go so far as cordless electric saw, but corded electric saws do come in handy, especially if you want to do any work inside your shop and still continue breathing. Over about 10″-12″ they are not a real match for a regular saw and it is a pain to drag a cord around as well. A couple of the tree guys in my neck of the woods really like their electric saws when they are working out of a bucket, the really serious guys are using hydraulic saws.

  3. zdiggler says:

    Why can’t they can’t make 18volt chain saw that will take down 8″ dia trunk. I wouldn’t mind putting 2 batteries either. I 18v sawzall with ugly blade to take down 10″ dia tree, took me whole day and a lot of hand vibrations. Didn’t want to rent one for just small tree.

    Would be handy on my jobs too, sometime branches need to be take down, sawall work but it require down force.

  4. Sam says:

    I can understand a gas saw for heavy-duty use, or remote locations. I can understand a corded electric saw for suburban use. But a cordless electric saw seems to be the worst of both worlds. Don’t forget, you still have to have mains power (or a generator) to charge the thing, and a project of any size will use more than one charge. The only market for which it makes sense is for light-duty use in inaccessible locations.

  5. Pruitt says:

    @zdiggler: I think Ryobi has an 18v that would work for mild use–occasional 8″. I have the blower and hedge trimmer from that series and am very pleased. The hedge trimmer is great with two batteries (my house only; wouldn’t choose it for all day off-site). The blower is nothing like my 2-stroke, but it’s perfect for the garage.

  6. gary says:

    I have the Ryobi 18V and it’s great for trimming limbs and light enough for ladder work. I can get through several limbs without a battery change.

  7. Cameron Watt says:

    With an electric saw, how do you know when to stop and top up the bar oil?

  8. Paul says:

    I prefer the gas saw when it comes to actually taking a tree down. But I do have both. I also have one of those pole saws. Its about a 10″ electric saw on an extendable 15′ pole. It is amazing, in most situations it eliminates the use of a ladder and you can be far enough away to safely cut things overhead and not worry about them hitting you in the head. The only downside is at full extension its sort of hard to manage.

  9. Old Man Streed says:

    Where can I see one (40 v. chain saw) and WHAT IS THE PRICE?

  10. ArtieShen says:

    @Old Man Streed – Google “oregon 40v chainsaw” and Amazon lists it at $399 and up. It’s a spendy l’il gadget, but then most Li-Ion powered gadgets are about $100-150 higher than the old Ni-Cad ones are. However, the Li-Ion batteries also stand the test of time a lot better and last longer on a charge. You might check your local tool rental place and see if they rent them yet (still pretty new on the market and they may not carry them) if you are looking to try it out.

  11. Jim says:

    I’ve used my 18V Black and Decker cordless chainsaw for three years on our small acreage with oak and fir firewood. For big jobs, it can’t tough a gas chainsaw, but for small jobs (8″ and less) it works great! It starts every time I tough it, and is ready to use where I need it. I have very much wanted a L-I battery, as N-H does have a limited charge. I would buy another in a second.

  12. David Hall says:

    I saw your 40vchainsaw on RFDTV. it was most interesting. How long sawing do one get out of one charge of the battery? what if the bar length of the saw?

  13. art says:

    got a new Oregon CS250 for $400.00. Charged it up and got about 15 minutes worth of cutting 2 to 3 inch hazelnut branches. Reasonable power but the chain supplied really splinters the wood on the way out. I would probably not recommend this to my friend at this price. Maybe at $200. Other problem is it almost looks like a toy chainsaw, plastic and all (made in China to boot). Live and learn. Alternate power sources ( to gas) are not here yet for chainsaws.

  14. Davis says:

    I live in a heavy wooded area on Toledo Bend lake , PLEASE bring your Elec Saw I would be really proud to put it down and get my gas . Its just like the Elec. cars where are u going to plug in out on the Highway. like I said please.

    • M says:

      Idiot. They run on gas after you run out of electric. Also gas stations will start to be replaced by battery stations where you would swap batteries.

  15. Calvin Pilcher says:

    How much is this chain saw ?

  16. Rafiq Yusuf says:

    Hi There,
    Bought a Oregon 40V (for 499US+120US for shiping)two months back n shipped to India.
    Surprisingly It just wouldnt start.
    The company told me to try a number of fancy tricks to wake it up.
    All failed.
    Asked for a replacement which the company refused, on the grounds that i shud send the defective chainsaw to them at my cost.
    Oregon was kind enuf to refund my money.Though i lost about 100-150US$ paid as customs duty in India and a lot of time was wasted on tying to revive it.
    Oregon wdnt accept there was a fault with the saw.
    After hiring a Electrical engineer to dismantle and repair it, the fault was located in the AVR, which is not avlbl in India.
    Requested the company to send me the malfunctioning part,which they refused, i even offered to pay for it. Nothing positive yet.
    If it was a japanese company the part would be on its way in no time.
    Would have been happy to revive the machine and put it to good use, on my four diff farms.
    Oregon is insensitive to customers needs n troubles.Lost two months of valuable time.Now cant do property clearing work as its raining.
    Hope better eense prevails.

    Guys what shud i do.
    My email id-raj.agro.farms@gmail.com

  17. Mark eby says:

    I don’t believe you about Oregon not helping with your saw that is bull they are one of the most user friendly company’s to deal with I have owned the saw for about 3 yrs it does every thing that it was made to do i also have the trimmer and hedge trimmer I have 12 acres but only maintain 3 best thing I’ve doin is to go to power now getting ready to buy the pole saw very good products

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