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Yesterday a buddy and I caught this sweet vid of Kanye and Jay-Z tearing the crap out of a Maybach on Charles and Hudson. What interested both of us was what kind of tools they were grabbing to mod their ride.

Charles and Hudson caught the beauty shot of the Milwaukee Sawzall, but we also got a glimpse of the Tillman welding gloves, Metabo grinder and a portable chop saw.

What we found funny was that in the front of the video where you first see the chop saw, the pair was walking up with a torch. I can just picture some of his posse behind him, wheeling the tanks feeding the gas with their crip walk in effect.

And from there I went right to the “That’s The Truth Truth” ad, picturing his crew in tow behind him carrying power supplies, toolboxes and rolling toolchests for no apparent reason.

Then again they managed to stuff four hot chicks to into the back of this bastardized super-ride, and I can’t manage to keep my seats from getting milk stains on them. Not bad for a car with its doors mounted on the trunk.

Jay-Z and Kanye West Take a Milwaukee Sawzall to a Maybach with Mixed Results [Charles and Hudson]
Kanye West, Jay-Z – Otis [YouTube]


12 Responses to How To Mad-Max A Maybach: By Kanye & Jay-Z

  1. browndog77 says:

    Shame you had to post this BS on the same day as a good story about one of our men in uniform. Shame is on you! I may have to remove TM from my home page if that continues!:(

  2. Punchful says:

    The two hardly seem to be at odds with each other.

    Maybe just don’t read one?

  3. Mike47 says:

    This is more crap than quality. Raise the bar.

  4. sean says:

    Sean…I get what you are saying.The “TOOLS” are what you are talking about in the video.If people don’t like what’s posted then …move on to the next one.

  5. klarck says:

    This post bothered me too. Something about the wrong tool for the job. Something about destroying fine machinery. Hardly appropriate for a blog dedicated to good tools used well.

  6. Shalin says:

    A little tool related pop culture never really hurt anyone. Although, I still limit what I’m exposed to.
    This was worth a 1-2 minutes of my time…but not much more.

  7. sean says:

    I’ve been logging on to TM for a couple years now and this is the 1st time that people actually dont like a post for the most part…Is it because they are RAPPERS? Is it more than that?Could be…There have been post about people that have had tools stolen and recovered years later.It was more of a “sentimental story” because they were returned.Just because a “tool” was stolen is why it was originally posted.Was that a wates of time too?

  8. jesse says:


  9. Fabian says:

    he likes to eat fish sticks.

    horrible video, horrible song..

    what a waste of a beautiful car. new-rich morons.

  10. sean says:

    video..ok.song …great..New rich morons?sounds like you are a little jealous of their success.Understand the music before you become a critic.

  11. browndog77 says:

    Jealous of those money-for-nothings? Get a grip, Sean! This site used to be about tools & the people who used them for the betterment of their surroundings! There are other sites where this is still the case. Good-bye TM

  12. sean says:

    Browndog…..you still don’t get the point!!!Sean originally posted the the video to show the TOOLS that they were using!!!! Ur right about that.Sean mentioned that they were using a saw,gloves and a grinder!!!!In my book that’s why I come to this site for anyway.Was he wrong??? nope!!!He just used a RAP VIDEO to show them.What bothers me is the comments that followed.Because they are RICH RAPPERS that can buy most of the thing that we dream of,there is a problem with anything they do.Why is that?This can’t be posted on the same day as a story on the guys in the military???Who should get a grip?

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