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We’re guessing Delta is a little tired of hearing that they’re “moving overseas” when they’ve worked diligently for the better part of a year to set up shop here in the states and crank their production into gear. That might explain the latest press release from them telling the press and consumers in general about the completion of 300 units of their Unisaw/cabinet combos in the new factory.

“I hope this news will put to rest anyone thinking we were moving overseas,” said Bryan Whiffen, President and CEO of DELTA Power Equipment Corporation. “We believe strongly in the DELTA Made in the USA tradition and are working hard to continue that tradition.”

300 units doesn’t sound like a ton of progress, but keep in mind a few facts that might help put those numbers in perspective: Delta isn’t like Ford; they don’t crank 1,000 saws a day on an assembly line. That would be nice, but it’s not that kind of fast production line. They build each saw from scratch, test them to standard, then package them up and send them out. So 300 is a good milestone to reach and a sign that Delta is now fully functional and doing what they do best — building great woodworking equipment, once again.

36-L352 Unisaw [Delta]


5 Responses to Delta In Full Swing

  1. Delta Girl says:

    Thanks for the post, Sean! We are proud of our team’s accomplishments and just celebrated the 6 month anniversary of the new company today! We acquired the DELTA and BIESEMEYER brands on February 4, 2011. GO DELTA!

  2. Chris R says:

    I was told I bought the first new design Unisaw sold in Ohio. Since I paid for my Unisaw, I do not believe I am qualified to give an opinion on the saw. I could use another cabinet saw in my shop.
    Ship me one & I will be glad to give my opinion of the new design Unisaw.

  3. Jon says:

    Chris, I probably machined the very tabletop, from casting to finish, that you slide your wood across. The machine shop(Wisconsin) I worked at was contracted to make the tabletops, trunions(can’t remember exact term), and the other pieces used to move the saw blade around. Lugging them in and out of different machines all day wore you out.

  4. John says:

    I bought my unisaw about 5 yrs ago and love using it. I had to take a deep breath when I paid roughly 1700. I enjoy buying US made, but the new price of 3000 carries some sticker shock. It looks like a great machine.

  5. Rick says:

    The Unisaw will be my next table saw.

    That said, why can’t Delta get their act together on internet marketing? They have a social media page on their site but the Facebook “group” page is nothing more than a lame wikipedia entry. Delta’s Twitter page hasn’t had a posting since Dec 2010 and their Youtube page hasn’t had an entry since Jan 2010.

    @Delta Girl

    We have a rule here. Any company employee must provide 20% off coupons, at a minimum, to all other people posting on Toolmonger.

    It’s a very new rule but it applies here. (^_^)

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