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Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! But WAIT!

Ok, don’t. But if you’ve got a second, click through the link below and check out the late night TV infomercial for Flex Seal. (No, I’m not kidding. The video that autoplays on the page appears to be their infomercial. They didn’t even bother to clip off the spot at the end where the people running the ad lay in the phone number to call.) As far as I can tell, it’s pretty similar to the spray version of Plasti-Dip, but with a different marketing schtick: They claim this stuff will seal roofs and gutters.

I’ll admit that I’m more than a little skeptical. In fact, I get the same kind of feel from this that I get from radiator Stop Leak. Sure, it might work temporarily. But it doesn’t address the core problem, like the fact that your roof is damaged (or improperly shingled) or your gutters are corroding into dust.

Still, I can already hear Sean’s voice lofting across the office reminding me that infomercials aside, products like this sometimes have a use. I wonder how it’d work to make grippy footings on a lawn mower deck. And hey, sometimes you have a need to fix something quick, quality be damned. (You know what I’m talking about.)

So what do you think? Stupid? Brilliant? Worth $10 a can?

Flex Seal [Heinous Infomercial Site] (Warning: Autoplay Video)


241 Responses to Hot or Not? Flex Seal Spray Rubber

  1. PutnamEco says:

    About as useful as spray on duct tape…

    • dennis poer says:

      I used it on my gutters, cleaned thoroughly first and applied two coats. Instead of having one leaking joint before I applied it, every joint is leaking like a river. Don’t waste your money!

      • Danielle says:

        Why would there be MORE leaks after using this product?

        • Lou Stuhl says:

          Because he cleaned thoroughly and has now discovered the severity of his mess.

          • Gene W says:

            probably depends on the size of the leak Lou. Of course if its a HUGE hole spray wont seal it. But if its pretty much leaking and you cant disern it (small) it WILL WORK! Just keep coating it over and over and over. Like i said its been several months and no more leaks and ill be danged if i do the landlords work. Ridiculous excuse for a landlord. TWIT

      • staranna says:

        well you didnt put it on right then. I had a huge leak all the way down my wall, wasnt gutters, wasnt roof, we tried it all and im a single mom with a disabilty where i can not climb. I got that stuff with two cans, one seals and the other is sprayed over it after it drys to polish the hold. Well i may be a dumb crip but hey it worked !!! NO MORE LEAKS!! Its been several months and several snow storms, ice storms and rain and thunder. Not a single drip. Maybe you just didnt get the right spot?

    • J.Thomas says:

      I just saw the flex seal comes in clear. I used it to fix little rusty pin holes in my tub. I can’t afford to replace the tub so I thought why not try it. I have put several coats in the area needed. I bought the enamel spray for the tub after the repair. Not sure how long it will last but looks like it has sealed ok. Sure wish I had known about the clear, or about any of the other products mentioned here. I will have to do more online searching.

    • Christopher says:

      i would like to buy enough to seal a moible home i have a seal bussness of trailer i need more then a can

    • Sherry says:

      BEWARE!! I had a galvanized pot that I thought I would move a house plant into. I decided to spray a couple coats of Flex Seal on the inside to keep the pot from rusting out down the road. I sprayed the bottom of the pot and started spraying up the sides when Poof it burst into flames. The 12″ pot had flames shooting up in the air 2 feet and thick black smoke billowing out. Luckily I was outside on a cement pad so the fire was contained and we got it out quickly. It was a cool March evening and I have no idea what ignited the fire but I want people to be careful with Flex Seal as it can spontaneously combust!!

      • Michelle says:

        Amen, we were trying to seal a window that was leaking on my mobile home. Just like Sherry this crap burst into flames. We were lucky to only have to replace the window, as we got the fire out quickly. We were lucky we did not lose our home and everything in it. This $13.00 can of Flex Seal Clear cost me over $200.00.

        Buyer Beware!!!

      • Dave says:

        All aerosols can spontaneously combust

        • will says:

          My kids mouths can spontaneously combust so I tried it. It worked great on my kids mouths. kept them shut for the entire evening

    • will says:

      Worked great on my kids mouths. kept them shut for the entire evening

  2. Joe says:

    I just wonder how many cans it took to do the screen door in the boat!
    You could probably make yourself some non-slip tool grips with this as well.

  3. John says:

    All this is, is automotive rubber undercoating. Go to the store and get it for $4 not the $10 plus a million in shipping.

    • vince says:

      I had a feeling thats what it was lol

    • Got Taken To The Bank says:

      I bought two cans at $49.99. Pd extra for fast shipping; still don’t have product. They hit me up to sign up for memberships. I told them no. Didn’t even listen to sales pitch. They signed me up anyway and tapped my bank account for three memberships..could be $29 per month for each one. It is a scam when you order this product. It is totally a scam. Don’t call to order; you will be sorry. Bank alerted us, Fraud Div.

      • S. Cohen says:

        Phil Swift and Alan Swift market the product Flex Seal under their company: Swift Response. They list their address as PO Box 8205, Van Nuys, CA 91409 when they advertise in CA, but here is the address of their corporation and their phone number. If you have been a victim of their fraud, I suggest you call them directly about your problem.
        I also suggest you write bad reviews of them and the product. Be sure to use their names. Anyone with a legitimate company will not want that much bad info on the internet. Also call the TV stations. Let them see how many people have been scammed. Call the TV station that airs their commercials. The more people who do this, the more likely you are to get a response and possibly a refund. Good luck.
        Swift Response LLC.
        2690 Weston Rd. Suite 200
        Weston, FL 33331
        Ph: 954.282.5400
        Toll-Free: 1-888-799-1890
        Fax 954-757-6693

      • lakawak says:

        No offense..but if you don’t know by now NOT to order any AS Seen On TV product from the actual phone number, then you deserve to be scammed.

    • Gene W says:

      its not 4. dont know where the heck you think you can get the original for that. I agree about the shipping though. But it is 25.00 at ACE, 26 at Home Depot, 26 at Lowes, 29 at Walmart. So NO WONDER it didnt work. You didnt get the right product!!! You got a spoof

      • Mark says:

        See comment above. Canadian tire in Canada sells a similar product (Rubberized asphalt undercoating) for $3.59 while Home depot sells it for $6.99 (Rustoleum)

  4. Barks says:

    Nice use of the word “core”, with two meanings.

  5. Billy says:

    “All this is, is automotive rubber undercoating. Go to the store and get it for $4 not the $10 plus a million in shipping.”

    I was going to say the same thing, that stuff really works and is cheap!

  6. Richard says:

    and they’ll still say, “but I saw it on TV”

  7. Terry says:

    might be good for making Halloween costumes… spray on latex, yeah? But why not pay 4$ at the auto store?

  8. george says:

    yep, my first reaction was “hey, that car undercoating !”
    stuff is usefull but not sure that much.

  9. Bill says:

    “…plus shipping and handeling.”

  10. Fritz Gorbach says:

    as far as i know automotive undercoating does not stick when wet. I don’t know anything about this particular product. I do however use this Pan Spray by Nu Calgon quite often at work.


    I use this for condensate pans and have used it as an emergency insulation where I couldn’t reach a sweating pipe. I have used it in the sump of a cooling tower, and yes, on gutters and roof flashing. I swear by it and keep a can or two around all the time.

    I think I pay around twelve bucks a can for this.

  11. Jerry says:

    Hey! Come on. Now that everyone knows about the undercoating, those poor buggers may have wasted their efforts. The cat, as they say, is out of the bag. The video? Should have been left in the bag.

  12. Mikec says:

    It’s nice that they found a new use for Ron Popeil’s spray on hair.

    • Rob Roy says:

      Unfortunately for me, I had (the key word is “had”) a mouth full of coffee when I read this comment. 🙂

  13. Mac says:

    Hot and Not.

    Not for the harder-core stuff they’re trying to sell it for.

    But OK for way more mild use.

    And like the others above, not the infomercial stuff – the way cheaper in-store stuff.

  14. Jim K. says:

    @PutnamEco Spray on duct tape?! WANT!!! 😉

    • PutnamEco says:

      Jim K. says:
      Spray on duct tape?! WANT!!!

      Interdynamics Super Seal Spray On Duct Tape (190-DT) is an actual product. I got mine at an Advance Auto Parts store.

      One of my favorite shop gags. Anytime anyone gets a leak, “Here! spray on some duct tape.”

      I wonder what trouble Red Green would get into with it.

  15. kyle says:

    If this product truly is undercoating, which it apears in everyway to be it will not perform in the ways that this product is advertised. Ruberized undercoating dries out and becomes brittle over time, true bodymen dont like to use it for this reason.

  16. Gene says:

    Sorry to say that I purchased the Flex Seal double order.
    When I received my credit card bill, I noticed that the
    $59.70 order doubled with shipping cost was also $59.70
    plus a sales tax charge on the shipping charges as well on the product. Knew that the shipping charges must be
    bogus & checked with UPS who shipped the product. They informed me that the true shipping charge was $10.36. Phoned Flex Seal & told them what I had found out & they said they would reduce the shipping charges to $29.95. I refused & returned the product for a full refund as promised on 7/06/2011. Today is 08/08/11 & no refund yet.
    Finally notice lanquage on the reverse side of bill that they do not refund shipping charges..

    • JIM says:


    • MARIE says:

      what is a legimate phone # for them so far all i get is automation..

    • Blue Eyed Angel says:

      File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and contact your credit card company and explain the situation. If the BBB cannot do anything – at least your complaint is documented and others can see that this is a fraud. Your credit card company should be able to reverse this will all the fraud stuff on the internet about this product. Remember “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” you may have to keep pushing to talk to someone higher up in customer service to get your refund.

  17. ROBERT says:


  18. Harold says:

    I’m wondering about toxicity. I want something that I can use to seal some very small leaks in an artificial waterfall. The waterfall leads to a fish pond and water garden. Is this product toxic to fish?

    • Lou says:

      Try touch’nFoam landscape exteriorfiller adhesive for your pond and waterfall.. Its made for your problem..Is available at do it best hardware and lumber stores..

  19. Chris says:

    Spray on duct tape! Now you’re thinking! Duct Tape fixes anything, but in a spray can too!! Yesss! Finally!! 😉

  20. Casey says:

    Actually it works well. I tried the undercoat and though they are simialr, the flex seal goes on evenly and I used it on a wet surface. The undercoat bubbles/bunches up, for lack of better term. It is a temporary fix but I used it 3 months on my roof and so far so good. Dont think your little “secret” is going to bankrupt them. The commercial is on all the time and it is not cheap for advertising.So I hear.

  21. Janice says:

    Was really thinking about it till I saw the shipping was 9.95 for each canich is almost 20 bucks just for shipping and read the reviews on here. Thanks for the info.

  22. chad says:

    So I’m super stoned and I see this flex seal commercial and I’m like woah.

  23. Mustang Sally says:

    Based on the way the guy was spraying the flex seal on that screen door, I bet they used 40-50 cans to get that screen door waterproof, he could have bought a brand new boat!

  24. Rick says:

    Think this looks just like the under coating I put on my truck but I get it at Wal mart for $3 a can, Yeah it works well but for $20 a can I think I will stay with under coat Basically the same product but a lot less

  25. Peter says:

    Can u use as a condom?

  26. findingZzero says:

    You can use it as a condom but then you probably won’t need a condom. No sensation. You might consider spraying it on a condom to prevent leaks, or to give your S O an exotic thrill. Once you go flex-seal you never go back…..

  27. Ron Rittenhouse says:

    Go to a ‘As Seen On TV” store and buy it there! Saves on shipping. I used it to fix a leaky sink trap and it works well! I don’t know about bigger jobs, but it did just fine for my purpose. Buy a can at one of those stores I mentioned, and keep it on hand for fast fix emergencies. I thought it worked very well!

  28. Bill says:

    It’s a gip. The first can is $19.95 plus $9.95 S and H, that is $30 for one can. The “free” can costs you another $9.95 S and H, so that is a total of $40 (rounded) for two cans. I think I would try other things first, like undercoating, truck bend spray, tool dip brush on, etc.

  29. Vern says:

    i used Flex Seal on my cracked windshield, but now I can’t see where I’m going. I wish they made it in Clear

  30. Terry Routh says:

    Thanks for the comments. Helped me to decide to go to my nephews auto parts store. Now a days, we all need a few money saving tips.

  31. Johan says:

    Glad that a lot of other people recognized this stuff as undercoating. Don’t see how they can charge so much when it’s $6 for an extra large can at the auto store. Personally, I can’t see myself using either for repairs. It will be destroyed after a year in exterior applications, especially when you live in a freezing zone. Use silicone instead, or flashing and tar.

  32. Becky says:

    I have a chimney leak and another leak in my ridgecap. I wonder if I could spray this around the chimney flashing and even on the actual cinderblock chimney? I think water is soaking through the cinderblock and then dripping onto my mantle. I’ve heard of Dry-Loc paint for masonry, but not sure what to do. Being a single woman homeowner stinks sometimes…

    • fred k says:

      Becky,For your roof only, buy a1 gal can of Sivento. Using a garden sprayer spray 2 or 3 coates on.This will stop the leak

    • jonan says:

      Dry-Lock is a very very fine paint for masonry. It stops the humidity for sure. I have apply on my garage 10 years ago and the walls are as dry as the first day i paint them with the UGL product.
      I give a 10 for this product !!

  33. Lisa says:

    Did anyone else notice that in the commercial they had the door on the bottom of the boat open so that the water pressure would have kept it closed anyways?

  34. Ralph says:

    To Pepe, You might want to lube your crank before spraying on Flex Seal.Saliva Vaselene, Wd-40, or even Pam, could provide an anti-stick barrier to prevent abuse to your crank upon removal. I wouldn’t use Flex Seal as a condom because I don’t trust the chemical composition of this product on someones wang. It may leave blotchy, unexplainable marks on your Willy. IMHO

  35. Mitch says:

    Becky, spray brick sealer onto the cinderblock. I got mine in a 5 gallon container and used a garden sprayer.

    You’ll still have to deal with the flashing leaks but this will prevent your issue of water seeping through the cinderblock and leaking onto your mantle.

    I had the same problem.a

  36. Joe says:

    Don’t waste your money, this product is a joke, sorry I fell for this…..this product does not work!!!

  37. Jim B says:

    Only FOOLS order ANYTHING advised on infomercials!

    They all FORCE you to buy two with shipping charges that are at least double what the price should be.


  38. PruneGal says:

    Thanks for saving me the headache because I ALMOST made the order. Whew.

  39. -kg- says:

    I don’t particularly know how good the stuff is, but against my advice, my father ordered a couple of cans recently.

    Fortunately, he gave a wrong number. When he checked with the credit card company, they had tried to charge him $119.95 for two cans. At $19.95 for two cans, that’s some shipping and handling charge!

    After that little fiasco, he was convinced and just went to the auto parts store like I suggested at first.

  40. dks says:

    Beware! My father ordered two cans and was sent six and was charged roughly $120–half of it for shipping! When contacting them, he was told they would not take it back unless he paid the return shipping plus they would not refund the nearly $60 in shipping that he was charged for the six cans. Ultimately, after much frustration, he was refunded $30…and the stuff didn’t fix the leaks he tried it on (gutter and one plastic water container). He is retired and can’t afford this and is so frustrated he has given up, which I suppose is this company’s goal–they got to keep $90 for six cans of a product that does not work.

  41. Tish says:

    We have been having problems with our gutter seperating because of the hot and the cold climate in Maine–my husband has tried several options–silicone and I don’t know what else–he is frustrated that the gutters are still seperating and I was wondering if the automotive undercoating would work or by reading peoples comments would PanSpray by Nucalgon work or Superseal Duct Tape?
    We shoud of put continuous gutter up but too expensive right now for our budget–any suggestion would be welcomes–thank you so much and hove a great day!!!!!!!!!

    • Stephen Orlov says:

      I have the same gutter problem in a cold climate of Montreal. Gutters are not corroding, it’s a joint problem. Since the joints expand and contract with hot and cold seasonal temp change, silicone I’ve tried cracks at the joint. Has anyone tried rubber auto undercoating or panspray on metal gutters in cold climates?

    • Hank says:

      To keep gutter connectons from moving use L-brackets on corners and flat brackets on all of the other connections and cover the head of the screws with silicone rubber.

  42. Bob says:

    If you plan or planned on trying out flex seal dont bother calling the phone number on the infomercial go directly to calling the customer service line 800-307-6201 they are actually human beings who can help out and if you complain about shopping costs they will knock them down before it gets charged to your account the phone number that is on tv is clogged with automated advertisments and first thing it asks for is your cc #

  43. Jacob says:

    Tish for you gutter issues, butyl rubber is amazing, and the king of it all is alsan flashing, its a roll on product i use in my industry a lot, its amazing stuff

  44. Jacob says:

    Butyl can be picked up an any homedepot, lowes, ect in the caulking section, it might also say gutter and flashing caulking butyl rubber, alsan flashing can be purchased at a roofing supply store, good luck

  45. Gretchen says:

    Does the auto sealant stuff work for holes in a fiberglass shower? Thank You!

  46. Pat says:

    Thank you so much Bob! After watching the TV ad for weeks, I finally called the number to order Flex Seal. I thought I was ordering 2 cans for $19.95 plus S&H. Before getting a confirmation and after giving my Visa number, they went into a long recorded speil about other products I wasn’t interested in and altho I tried to quit it kept on going so I finally had to hang up. Seeing this discussion via Google, I read your comment and customer service number and found to my horror they had charged my account with $114.67 for 6 cans + S&H!. Now I have to wait for the box to come, send it back and get my money back. I’m a senior citizen and should have known better. Never again!

  47. Scott Conway says:

    I have a riveted aluminum boat and the seam at the back of the boat where the transom meets the hull weeps water. Would flex seal work there? If not, what would? I would like to be able to paint it so it looks the same colour as the boat.

    • Dave says:

      Scott, I don’t know nothing ’bout no flex seal, but I thank you for bringing back the memory of fixing leaky boats with my grandfather forty-some-odd years ago. I was supposed to be holding a backup on one side of the boat while he pounded on the other side. I think he ended up wanting to be pounding on me, but the boats ended up floating.

    • Bob says:

      YesIt would but go through the customer service line instead of the tv ad phone number otherwise it could easily become a nightmare

    • jerry boucher says:

      The pain alone if you spray 2-3 coats will seal any leak on the bottom of a boat. I bought a boat last year that had probably 30 leaks at the rivets and seams and I spray painted it with good exterior paint from Lowes and didn’t have a leak one still don’t after taking it out a lot.

  48. Charlie says:

    Thanks folks. You just saved me a lot of money and a lot more grief. I went to their site and was astonished to see how much it would cost by the time they got through screwing you. I just hope I got out of their web-site soon enough.

  49. Dorothy says:

    Hey has anyone used this stuff on Rhino Lining? CAnt really afford to replace it and its cracking bad wondering if this would be an ok temp fix till i can replace

    • Bob says:

      It bonds with all sports of materials but not 100% on rhino lining it has a pretty good temprature resistance tho so it might

  50. Joy korus says:

    Thank you ALL for saving me from ordering!This time I Did sumthin right! I’m a single woman homeowner too and problem is gutter over back of house wasn’tcleaned out and water marks are coming down in kitchen. The shingles at the roof edge appear to be raised. Is there a fix for this I Could do as I can’t afford a roofer right now.

    • diane rienstra says:

      clean the gutters and put on a gutter guard, nail the shingles that are raised. If you can’t do it yourself hire a high school kid neighbor and have what you need ready for him.

  51. diane rienstra says:

    so.o.o how about on my leaky kayak bottom made of high density plastic?
    Any suggestions?

    • Keith says:

      Not sure how brave you are nor how bad the leak is. If your Kayak is a HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)then it can actually be heat welded. It consists of getting a piece of HDPE of similar thickness to your kayak’s hull. cut the plastic patch about 2″ bigger than the damaged area in all directions. Then (and this is the nerve wracking part) you will will need to drill holes at either end of the crack and then more holes around the entire perimeter about 1-3/4″ out from the crack every 1″ or so. Next you heat up the plastic patch slowly with a heat gun slowly until it begins to melt. You will then need to spread the liquid out into the holes you have drilled. I use laminate samples from Lowe’s. Once you have filled all the holes let it cool for an hour or so without messing with it. A good tip to help it bond is to scuff the area up with sandpaper first.

  52. Roosevelt says:

    Flex Seal ordering process is deceptive, be careful not to place two orders. I cancelled my CC so that they would not receive any payment. The process is misleading.

  53. Claire S says:

    My husband also ordered 2 cans and received 6 for about $120. He called and threatened them with BBB and local DA. They are sending a return address and promised a full credit, including return shipping. We’ll keep a close eye on this.

  54. Lisa Strickland says:

    I too was lied to by flex seal. After placing an order on line I was told by phone the order was placed incorrectly and I would have to place it again by phone. I specifically asked if I would receive two orders and was told NO. I did receive two orders and was charged for both. This is a VERY DISHONEST CO.

  55. flexboner says:

    gosh thank gosh for the internet…

  56. Ernest says:

    Aye does anyone know if this stuff can be used on your car windshield where the seal is if it is leaking?

  57. Sheila Sullivan says:

    Another single female homeowner heard from. Thank you all but I think I will check into the ‘butyl rubber or panspray’ products at my local store and not have to give good $ to a decietful company!!!

  58. Darwin says:

    Does anyone know of a product to use on a auto oil pan with a small hole?

    • Casey says:

      As far as your oil pan goes, I once fixed mine after hittng a rock in the middle of nowhere with the Loctite version of JB weld. Hole has to be clean, and you need to let it set up before you apply. I tried real JB weld first, but could not get it to hold. The repair lasted until I put a new motor in Ten years later. This was done in the snow.

    • Mickey says:

      I had that problem many years age before all these new products came out. Depending in the size of the hole, you can take a sheet metal/self threading screw with a simple rubber washer. Good luck

    • Danny Coleman says:

      you can also try liquid steel that mixes as an epoxy works well !!!!

  59. Steve says:

    I sprayed flex seal on my cracked engine block and WHOLLAH! My car is running again! Yeah rite, this stuff is a variant of spray undercoating that is being marketed in the alluring fashion of infomertial attraction! What a scam!!

  60. Debra says:

    Thank goodness I didn’t order FlexSeal. We are looking for something to seal skylights. Any suggestions?

    • Chris says:

      Might I suggest caulk? :-p


    • Keith says:

      Depends on where it is leaking. If it’s leaking where the glass meets the window then caulking will hold you temporarily until the unit can be properly re-glazed or the faulty gasketing replaced. If it is leaking where the roof meets it you can use some “ice guard” or peel-n-stick rubber as flashing. With either of these you will need to remove \ release the shingles above the window so you can get the flashing under them. A heat gun and a flat bar works wonders with asphalt. But use the buddy system and have someone standing by with a hose or fire extinguisher. (don’t ask me how I know that)

  61. Debi says:

    The rubber seal under the kitchen drain is rotting away. I went and bought a new one, but I can’t get it apart to replace. Until I can get someone to fix it, I was thinking of the Flex Seal and then remembered I googled it and read the reviews of people complaining and I could get it similar stuff cheaper. What would work best? Right now I have a bucket under the sink…

    • Bravo says:

      Recently needed to replace two of them in a sink. They would not come apart no matter how hard i tried. I destroyed the threads with chanlocks. But i was still unable to take it apart. Luckily i was intending to replace the baskets with new ones not just the rubber seals. I’m assuming your basket stringer is plastic hence they will not come apart. The solution to the problem is get a thin but fairly strong flat screwdriver and pry it under the plastic lip and try to bend out the plastic. Be careful not to bend the sink if you do not plan on replacing it. With pliers grab the bent portion of the plastic and brake off a piece. Keep doing this until the lip is gone, with that the basket stringer should fall down. Put in new metal basket stringers to avoid the problem in the future. Dont forget to add plumbers putty. Also there is a thin paper seal that sits above the rubber seal put some plumbers grease on it so that it wont tear as you tighten everything together. Hope that helps.

    • Danny Coleman says:

      buy a can of PB blaster at parts house spray the bottom of your sink where the drains comes apart two or three times and let set for a day or so and it will most likely come apart ! don`t waste your time on sprays around a your sink or have someone put a brace 2×4 under the drain pipe to hold pressure against the bottom of the sink so it want leak till you can get it fixed !!

  62. Tina says:

    I have a leaky pipe under my sink. Will this seal it or is there a better option?

  63. Kim says:

    I have a crack in my basement wall. I had someone come out and attempt to repair it but it still leaks usually in the winter when all the snow begins to melt. The next step is to tear off the front porch and pull the dirt away to repair the crack from the outside. I am not eager to tear off my front porch especially b/c the damaged area is near front door. Any suggestions?

    • Lindsay Thachuk says:

      For concrete repairs look for xypex on the Internet. Very good stuff as it reacts with concrete rather then coat it. Pressure from outside will always force any coating off.

  64. Tim says:

    Plumbing leaks are best fixed by a plumber.

    Roofing leaks are best fixed by a roofer.

    Gutter leaks are best fixed by a gutter expert.

    Foundation leaks are best fixed by correcting grading to aggressively slope away from your homes foundation.

    For the $120 you spend on this junk you can hire an expert to fix any problem. IF they want more than $120 find a different expert.

    Oh ya, a good expert WILL warrentee their work and be happy to accept cash giving his/her NO opportunity to overcharge your credit card.

  65. Dave says:

    Tim, you may be right about this junk, but I’m only familiar with conditions on my home planet, Earth, and here on Earth you can’t get “any problem” fixed for $120.

  66. marilyn says:

    OMG… thank you all for saving me from buying this stuff!

  67. Laura says:

    I was going to try this on my windows in my window wells. When we have heavy rain the wells fill up over the brick window sills and water comes in around the window. These windows do not open so any ideas on something else i can use to seal them up?

    • Chris says:

      What’s wrong with caulk (or re-glazing the windows)?


      • Laura says:

        I don’t know. I am a recent widow but when I asked my husband that he always said it would not work.

        • Melanie says:

          I had the same leaking problem with a large arch window. I used regular silicone caulk all around the exterior window (between brick and windowpane – specifically a Silicone based caulk in Clear). Worked like a charm. No more leaks.

  68. Dave says:

    If you want to try the Flex Seal stop by Ace hardware. They sell it for 9.99 a can with NO shipping

  69. kerry says:

    Absolutely disgusting company without the least bit of ethics. Too long a story but beware, do not go there, do not get snookered.

  70. Consumer says:

    If you want to try Flex Seal WITHOUT dealing with the television marketing scams the product is sold at Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond for $12.99 a 14oz can. Bed and Bath often have 20% off coupons for an even better deal.

  71. Avery A. Williams says:

    Compare to Plasti Dip by Performix, a multi-purpose rubber coating. 11 oz spray cans sold at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. for about $6.00.

  72. Eddie says:

    First off, this stuff is not undercoating.
    Second,it does work. It’s not magical, like they claim, but it does work.
    I fix water leaks and wind noises for over a dozen dealerships in my area (interior leaks in cars) and I have used pretty much everything.
    I believe this stuff is exactly the same thing as Rescue 911, which was originally also advertised in similar comercials. It works. Again, not exactly like advertised, but it is useful.


    • harry says:

      So eddie, as people have mentioned about being cheated with over charges and non delivery of product and all this kind of things- is that true? I mean if the product is such great as mentioned by commercial, and i do agree your view and i respect the honesty, but why does a company has to do frauds or wrong charges and provide low quality service for such great product?

  73. William Evans says:

    Buy pick-up bed liner restorer. Works just as well as Flex Seal. Get twice as much for half the price and no shipping charges. I’ve used both and the bed liner restorer works just as well. Probably compares the vehicle undercoating talked about. Bed liner restorer is available at most automotive parts stores.

  74. robert says:

    Here’s a fun one ask them for an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on the product. This is a Federal requirement that they provide it. Then if they don’t provide within a short time like an hour call the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA and report them. Enough people complain and very soon a federal inspector will arrive. Hope the inspector write’s them a 250K fine or something fun like that.

  75. Mark in Boston says:

    Nothing new to offer here, but I do want to thank all who suggested other products like alsan flashing, etc. Thi sis a very useful thread.

  76. Bonnie says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions. We have a rubber solar roof unit for our pool. It gets pin holes in it– not sure how or why…birds? It is difficulty to fix—you have to figure out which tube and follow it to each end, cut it, and seal off the opening with a screw. I was really thinking about the Flex seal, but I will try Flex Seal instead! Thanks

  77. rick says:

    thank for the feedback on this schister product

  78. Kenny says:

    I have a leak in my sun room, I have tried caulking more than once.It must be coming down the inside wall to the bottom to the floor.It only does this when it rains really hard or the wind blows towards the back glass. Is there a product out there that could help me. Thanks

  79. sean says:

    i wanted to use this stuff for a leak in a gas tank anyone have any ideas on what may be better to use?

  80. Dan says:

    @sean, I wouldn’t trust a gas tank patched with this stuff or anything else really.

    If you have a plastic tank you can get a replacement pretty cheaply from a junk yard.

    If it’s a metal tank you can try a radiator repair shop, they should be listed in the phone book. They’ll have the equipment to safely weld/braze the tank without blowing anyone up.

    I’ve gotten a plastic tank for $50 before and had a metal one repaired for $150.

  81. lisa says:

    Would anyone here know anything I could spray onto an above ground oil tank? It is not leasking thru yet, but it has some oily moisture showing/ and rusting and I know I can’t afford a new tank or the DEP showing up if it eventually leaks. I am not looking for a permanant fix, just something that may last a coule more months until I can replace the tank…Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks!

  82. BOB says:


  83. Nikki says:

    This product was the biggest waste of money ever. It actually ate through my pipe and my towels that I had lying around. And forget getting this off of any material. This company needs to be reported to the BBB for false advertisment

  84. jeff smith says:

    @3 bucks a can at wall mart as undercoating.

  85. John says:

    This thread is quite comical in many ways. Even better though are the suggestions for alternatives. I think I’ll go with the alternatives and not bother with a product that has such bad reviews.

  86. Julie says:

    I was reluctant to give this product a positive rating because of their selling strategy. It took about twenty minutes on the phone to order and I never was able to speak to a real person. I attempted to order a total of two cans (one was supposedly free) for $40. They charged my card $120 and I received six cans. We used all six cans and covered two troublesome areas on our roof and truth be told, it worked well. I’ve been waiting all winter for it to leak, and so far it hasn’t. In past winters, my roof leaked like a sieve. So, yes, I would certainly happily buy this product again.

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks for that. Nice to get someone’s opinion that actually used it instead of looking at it and making up their minds w/o trying.

  87. falcon says:

    i wouldn’ say to not buy any infomercial gadgets. I love my eggies and my ninja. just waited for them to come to the dollar store before I bought them, No Hidden Shipping Fees!!!!

    • Donna says:

      I did not like the eggies they only give you half an egg. I love my Ninja (bought at Wal-mart) Has anyone used rubbercoating on a leaking basement.

  88. herb says:

    this is a total scam dont buy it……….. i bought it and it doe not even work……

  89. Gaytorcop says:

    It’s been working for us. We’ve used it on our Solar Water Heating Pipes for the pool and now using it to seal our boat. We found it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $12.99 for a large can. NO SHIPPING COSTS!
    Does anyone know if it’s “Fish Safe”?

  90. Deb Kovar says:

    I bought this product from Rural King. I absolutely Love the flex seal. It has worked on everything I’ve used it for. I did not have bogus charges on my credit card. It cost me $9.99 per can. I bought 3 cans and was charged $13.00 for shipping. So my total was $43.00. Here is the website if you want to try it. I have had no problems with it at all. I recommend it. http://www.ruralking.com/flex-seal.html?gclid=CISI0PjTga8CFQfCKgodEHTp5w

  91. Renee says:

    I have a small leak in my car gas tank is there something that I can use to seal it instead of buying a new tank?

    • Ambush27 says:

      Generally leaking gas tanks are replaced. Radiator shops may offer repair services for steel tanks and steel tanks can also be welded or soldered. If the tank is rusted through it is probably not worth trying to repair. Before you can safely work on a tank it should be removed from the vehicle, drained, and filled or at least washed out with low pressure water.
      Plastic tanks are generally replaced and are relatively inexpensive when compared to steel tanks. You may have some luck repairing plastic tanks but it is not recommended.

    • PutnamEco says:

      I’m with Ambush27 on getting a replacement, however if you REALLY need to jury rig it both Loctite – Permatex and Victor make gas tank repair kits usually available for under $5. They are of the epoxy putty type. Then again there is always JB Weld. If it where me, I don’t think I would be trusting my life to a $5 repair. Small leaks usually turn into bigger leaks and with as flammable as gas is….

  92. ShopMonger says:

    I repaired a gas filler hose for like 3-4 months, at the low end of the hose (read it was under fuel all the time) with 3m 5200 adhesive, this stuff is amazing…..


  93. 85fordyota says:

    They started selling this stuff at Walmart. $11 a can but at least you don’t have to pay shipping. And you can buy only buy what you need. I sprayed the floor pan of my old pickup. Let’s see how it holds up over time.

  94. Martha says:

    this product can be purchase at walmart for $12.88 a can

  95. mamawh56 says:

    These comments are good and some helpfull. You can buy flex seal a lot of places without going thru the TV ad. I’d like to see some reviews on the product itself. Does it work and how long does it last. My roof on my camper leaks & I need something good to last a long time. My neighbor used it on his and he loves it. I wonder how long it holds up.

  96. Robyn says:

    What about a small hole in a compact fridge, the area that hold the refrigerant. Do you think this stuff woulf repair the hole and hold up when i refill the refrigerant? Or any other suggestions

  97. Volvo62 says:

    I got some flex seal from friend and sprayed on hole in gutter (outside and inside of gutter)not only one time not only two times but three times on different occassions. (layered?) Water continued to drip through my layers each time. Came home this evening and gutter is still leaking. I give up. Guess I will replace the gutter. Mass advertising – be careful????

  98. Tim Vinzant says:

    Would this be safe for a fish pond?

  99. jshero says:

    Chuck, thanks for the read. Feel more informed on the flexseal product then I did before!

  100. Josh says:

    Will this stuff work as a temporary fix for a leaking fuel line

  101. Jeff says:

    I have a crack in a plastic “T” in my camper’s water line. It’s a fairly low pressure water line. I’m wondering if I should put out the money to give this product a try on it, instead of replacing the “T” (which will take a lot of time disconnecting other lines to do it)

  102. Lorraine says:

    Wow – thankful you can’t get flex seal in Canada

    Would automotive rubber undercoating take care of skylight drips in my bathroom?

  103. Ann says:

    You mentioned the cost of this product as being $10 a can actually it comes out to $20 a 14oz can with the 9.95 S&H for each can added.

    Every time I click on the links at the site or any of the “reviews” sites I get a red WOT warning. WOT is Web of Trust. Many of us rely on it’s ratings when deciding whether to purchase a product from a particular company. From all I can tell this is not a reliable company with which to do business.

    Their product might be the bees knees, but the way they do business is not reliable. When I see the product at a reliable store like Lowes or Home depot I will consider trying it but not until then. This company doesn’t even have a PayPal account. They are not a reliable company and that being the case it follows that the product must be unreliable as well.

  104. Jake says:

    I need product that will seal gutter and and spray at least 4 feet- please suggest

  105. Margaret says:

    I want to spray a middy pool for my pig! Will it work??

  106. Jonathon Yost says:

    Yeah basically it is similar to automotive rubber undercoating. Hell, look at PlastiDip http://www.plastidip.com/diy.php basically it is the same stuff, plus they’ve been around for awhile. You can buy it at an autoparts store. Flexall is leaning towards ripoff city.

  107. celf says:

    you could mix this junk and gasoline and make some napalm..but other than that it is completely useless..there are many other products cheaper that work better than this junk..DON’T BUY IT

  108. Mike Wink says:

    I bought my flex seal from http://www.flexsealcanada.ca and it took 3 weeks before I even recieved it. I was a little dissipointed because I expected to get it much sooner. I used it to repair a leaking pipe and so far so good. The rubber spray was easy to use, fast drying, worked on a wet surface and looks to be holding up just fine. I’d recomend Flex Seal. The only down side is the price. I ended up using about 1/4 of the can for the job, which equates to about $5.

  109. gratien dancause says:

    Please where is disponible this product ( Flex sealspray rubber ) Tank you .

  110. matt says:

    Will this work on a camper rubber roof or does it react? Any one?

  111. chbear says:

    mikeyc had the greatest comment with Ron using it on his head,kudos to u buddy luv the product(LOL)

  112. George R says:

    I have a leak on my car radiator, I wonder if it will work on the plastic and seal the leak. Has anyone tried this ?

  113. Centron McCurdy says:

    I bought a can of flexseal to stop a leaky water pipe. I tried several times with a variety of techniques to accomplish this without any success. The water always spouted through the flexseal no matter how long I allowed it to dry. Pathetic.

  114. Willie says:

    Do you think that it will work to help this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_o46Kq3uiU&feature=plcp
    Right now I am just keeping 8 gallons of water in the trunk.

  115. Debbie says:

    I want to use this product for my shower. If I get the car under coating will that work as good? Have read all of your reviews. Great site. Thank You Debbie

  116. Joyce says:

    We purchased a can of of this product to repair leaks in the bottom of an inflatable boat. Based on the commercial and reading the label, this was the perfect product for the job. The “stuff” never dried and after a week, we are on our second can of laquer thinner to try to remove the black goo from our grey boat. In the mean time, we thought we’d use the boat anyway and now have the same mess on the upholstery in my motor home, a few ruined t-shirts and are still in work to get it off the remaining sections of boat not yet reworked. Thanks FlexSteel but no thanks!

  117. Tony Lawson says:

    Terrible product. Does not work and is very messy. $2.00 caulk worked better for me. I had a small pen hole leak on my horse trailer. I used it. Still have the leak plus messed up carpet from messy spray can and ruined a few shirts. Do not buy this product thinking it’s going to stop your leak. Thanks for reading.

  118. Wyatt says:

    I called their 800# to order the “FLEX SEAL’ and got an automatic voice, taking my CC # and shipping address, but then went on and on with more advertising, trying to get me to buy several other products. I kept pressing “0” or saying no, I finally hung up.
    They do have my CC # but not the billing address. I hope they will not send it w/o billing address. After reading your reviews I certainly do not want it.

  119. jack meoff says:

    sell sell sell…another great american product..hate it..

  120. Don says:

    Buoght it at the local Home Depot for $10.oo. haven’t used it yet. I think the price is right , No shipping at H.D.

  121. Viola G says:

    Can I use this to cover up rust and then paint over it on my car?

  122. krisannemarie says:


    • browndog77 says:

      What type of pipe is it, PVC(plastic); cast iron: or possibly galvanized steel? There are different fixes for each, and if the leak is exposed in the basement it may not be that involved to repair.

  123. johnny says:

    I’ve tried this stuff on my gutters and it works for a day or two,but let the sun bake it for a few days and it’s worthless.don’t waste your money like i did.

  124. ZeMannn says:

    Some funny, funny stuff here! Overall, some very good advice. Thank you to the “straight-shooters” who took time to give GREAT ADVICE – and some heads-up on products that REALLY WORK!!

  125. ecsa0014 says:

    I remember buying rubberized undercoating in an aerosol can years ago, nothing new here. I used it to spray behind the panels in the trunk of my car to keep it from rattling due to some subs I had, as I was too cheap to shell out for Dynamat. After a week of fear of cranking my car due to the heavy gas smell from the undercaoating, It worked great lol. Everyone is right you can get this stuff cheap at any auto parts store, it is foolish to pay what these clowns want.

  126. Unique says:

    Wow what a bummer. I was going to use this product to seal a leak on my car since they said it can seal leaks anywhere and withstand heat

  127. Annelise Anderson says:

    The pan under the air handler for my air conditioning system, such as it is, leaks. Contractor wants to replace the entire system for 10K. Sounds like automobile
    rubber undercoating is the short-term, good price fix for this?

  128. Don W says:

    I bought 2 cans of FlexSeal paid the extra shipping and handling and they came in the same box. It took over 2 weeks to be delivered. It does work but won’t seal a screen door in a boat floor.

  129. Steve says:

    Glad I came here first. I never buy anything without checking out reviews FIRST. Too many scams out there. Never heard of undercoating, but I will definitely look into it now. Thx, to all.

  130. Jimmy says:

    I would stick with 3 M products. Their products have been used for decades in many industrial and automotive settings. If a product doesn’t work on your application, then at least you know you’ve tried the best and most reputable …

  131. Robin says:

    Would this help to fix leaks around a sky light?

  132. Trevor says:

    Doesn’t work to patch anythin to do with running water. Just makes a mess and constant run.

  133. Barbara McKinney says:

    I bought a can of Flex Seal through Publishers Clearing House. My roof was leaking very badly where the nails had come out and my entire wall inside of my bedroom was soaked. So we used the Flex Seal to seal the holes in the roof from the nails and I have NOT had a problem since, and we sealed the holes about 7 months ago. So maybe for some people it does not work properly, or they did not read instructions, but it worked wonders for me and I am glad I bought it. To those that have not had good luck with it: Sorry this product did not take care of your issues.

  134. TJ says:

    Used a can of Flex Seal, and used a can of undercoating from Princess Auto, both worked just the same.
    It appears the products are very similar. The only difference is cost. Undercoating is also paintable, etc.

  135. Larry vervaeke says:

    Bought it for $13.00 a can at Home Depot in Canada.

    Just put the first coat on my gutter at the joint. Wonder if I should just bought silicone and redid the joints. Plan on letting it cure for a couple of hours and then give it a second coat. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  136. Larry vervaeke says:

    Bought it for $13.00 a can at Home Depot. Just put the first coat on and am going to let it cure for 2 hours. I’ll let you know how it worked when we get our first rain.

  137. Tony says:

    Flex Seal© did not flex nor seal for my application. I used it for sealing some leaks on a clean and dry pool cover. The instructions said to apply several light coats. First of all, it is impossible to do that given the sprayer nozzle supplied. It despenses thick and uneven (a mess). Secondly, it will not dispense if the can is held at an angle when getting in to tight spots. The work surface needs to be perfectly vertical. I had to give up and use a completely different product.

  138. Logan says:

    I used this on my water lines that were condensating but in to tight spot for insulation.. Unloaded a can (three coats). It actually worked so far. It insulates enough that I’m not seeing any moisture. I also do have a slow drip from a cpvc fitting so I figured what the hell and coated it in the sealer.. I’ll check in a couple weeks and see if the drip is back. I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll be back down in the crawl space fixing the leak again but we’ll see.

  139. Loo says:

    Thanks for the info guys….was about to purchase online…took a minute to check out the reviews…glad I did…think I’ll stay away from this and find another product!!

  140. Shay says:

    Curious. Which of these products could possibly be used on inflateable mattress. Been repairing with shoe goo but it’s still leaking somehow. Prefer to experiment first before giving up. Hey, I’m an artist thanks.

  141. john kerry says:

    there is something in a tube used with a caulk gun. It’s called SILICONE, use it

  142. Jason says:

    Anyone know of a product in white that can be used to spray and seal a shower insert in an tv?

  143. Jason says:

    Sorry shower insert in an rv

  144. aman says:

    Anyone know apraduct to seal the fundion crack out
    sied ext.

  145. k-man says:

    I used this on my roof and it caused the water leak to find a new path. Instead of dealing with a leak I now have leaks. We must remember that if it sounds easy then it is probably a scam. I am going to replace the shingles and hopefully not the whole roof. I would not buy it. Save your money.

  146. Tiffany says:

    Ok, this is probably a dumb question, but does anyone know if this product would work on fridge/freezer seals? I know I could try to replace the rubber stripping but I don’t see that in my future. Any clues if this product would work on a small scale, flexible rubber seal that will be near a cold source??? Thanks in advance!

  147. Mick Jagger says:

    Those little rubber things on the bottom of Keith’s walker kept on popping off causen’ poor Keith to tumble over and bang is poor noggin’ all the time so we bought 50 cases of the stuff to make sure Keith’s walker was workin’ properly. The Bloody stuff is a Scambo!! We went through all 50 cases even usen’ some on Ol’ Charlie’s left hand where he loses his stick quite often.
    Bloody Scam ripoff. Woulda been cheaper to buy Ol’ Keith a new Walker it would. Bloody awful stuff!!

  148. randy tarsos says:

    I used this stuff on my 92 year old grandmother who kept sliding off her rocker constantly and making loud thudding noises disturbing the whole household. I sprayed her butt good with this stuff and at first I thought the problem was solved but an hour later, THUD!!
    This is sickening spending all that money for NOTHING!!
    Got to go. Just heard another freaking Thud.

  149. Jacques Gervais says:

    Want real rubber in a can? Check You Yube CANTEX Rubber Shield 2 minute presentation. They compare the contents of their product versus Flex Seal

  150. Angela Marino says:

    I have to recaulk my entire apartment, can I use this product instead?

  151. Dave H says:

    Seeing the Flex seal add, I thought I would give this product a try on some minor drips around my Pool Filter piping. Well needless to say this does not work at all. I followed all the instructions,cleaned area well, applied 3 even coats over the 3 hour time period stated in the instructions and allowed 24 hours for it to cure. The out come is, NOW I HAVE TO REPLACE ALL THE PIPES SPRAYED. Yep, you guessed it, still leaking and now a big rubber type glue all over the area and it even seemed to make a few more leaks with in the same area.. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS GARBAGE IN A CAN TO EVEN MY WORST ENEMY.

  152. Bonita Carter says:

    My brother in laws were spraying a boat they moved a wire that was connected to a battery it blew them across the yard burned their face their hair arms and hands.it only takes a spark they were outside I would hate to know what would have happened if they were in the garage .The boat its totaled .

  153. Mike says:

    Rubberized coating is advertised. The Material data safety sheet identifies it’s chemical composition as (benodite)? Asphalt… What this is I don’t know. But it is also identified as a suspected carcinogenic chemical. I’m sure they (all these products) work fine “IF”…the perpetration is followed, this is rarely done. Simple silicone works fine at 5-6 bucks a tube anywhere… It also has the best stretch ability of 1/4”. This is how most fail when things start to move. That dry lock for basement walls I’ve heard works well, but only dedicated contractor would be willing to follow the required prep IAW OEM instructions. This is why dry lock users have marginal success.

  154. David says:

    I purchased two cans of Flex Seal thinking it would do as it claimed on the TV ad, seal the plastic coated screen that serves as my patio skylight. It had 1.5 days to dry, and today’s rain proved this product does not work as they claim. There is now even more leaking from that screen than when I started. That screen on the bottom of a boat ploy we see in their ad is just that. A gimmick to make folks buy it. As I see it, they owe me $40. What a waste of money.

  155. john says:

    Does anyone have any experience trying to clean this up? I am thinking of using it on fiberglass and if it doesn’t work I will need to clean it off before I bring it to the shop for further repair.

  156. Tom says:

    The base of my toilet has been leaking and I know the cost to replace the washer via plumber will be astronomical so I bought two cans at ACE for $14 each. I used both cans by putting on about 8 coats…..it still leaks in one area even through/underneath the coating. I flush the toilet so there is no water in the tank (and turn off the water to the toilet) but it always seems to be wet in one spot where it is leaking through. I bought another two cans and am spraying it on in the last spot that is leaking but it always appears to be wet from water. Disappointing.

  157. Steven Atmel says:

    So I met this chick working at the DQ, asked her back to my place for drinks, and plied her with GHB. After she passed out and I decided to have sex with her I realized I didn’t have any condoms, but I did have a can of flex seal lying around. I figured I could spray this on me and make my own super tough condom. Goddamnit if this bitch didn’t get pregnant anyway. Then she dragged me to court for paternity. Now I gotta pay $750/month child support. This crappy product is gonna cost me $162,000 over the 18 years I now gotta support his little bastard.

    Worst product ever.

  158. nick sweet says:

    I have a plastic gas tank on my lawn tractor that has a thin crack in it. will flex work on it?

  159. sally says:

    Have a pinhole leak in a freeze plug that can’t get to without lifting the engine would flex seal work❓

  160. Deseree says:

    Can this product be mixed with paint for a concrete floor, make the paint last?

  161. Euhill says:

    For those of you who are wanting the MSDS of Flex Seal, you can read on it online for free here http://www.mcoe.us/view/1668.pdf Bentonite is a type of clay and is used in various types of rubber products.

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