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A  reader turned us on to these cool vise bookends found via the re-purposing site CoolMaterial.com. But we’re pretty sure no Toolmonger would shell out $70 for ’em. That said, we bet you’ve got some similar out-of-use tools lying around the shop — we do — that would do the job just fine.

Specifically, I know that I have an old pre-electric-era clothes iron that’s screaming for this kind of treatment. (Hell, I barely use my awesome modern iron, much less one that I need to hold over a fire.) This could also be a great use for old worn-out cordless drills. Throw together a little wooden stand and they’d make a great conversation starter. I’m sure they’d hold up books, too.

In fact, I’ve unknowingly been following this stylin’ trend for over a year. Check out my office doorstop:

Vise Bookends [Cool Material]


6 Responses to A Use For Old, Un-Needed, Or Worn-Out Tools

  1. The “problems” with using modern tools in this way are 1) too much plastic and 2) garish colors, so they don’t have the same cool factor as the really old tools. I suppose you could always paint them, but painted plastic still won’t be as cool as an artistic hunk of iron with wood accents.

  2. Ben Granucci says:

    My aunt has been using an old iron like what you mention for as long as I can remember for a similar purpose to the drill in the second photo.

  3. Jay A says:

    Simple solution, turn them into drag racers… http://www.toolraces.com

  4. Mike says:

    The bookends pictured are actually from Restoration Hardware. My wife gave me a set a few years ago. I guess I’m a little hard to shop for 🙂

  5. Steve says:

    The book ends look great.

  6. Jim K. says:

    Came across 2 old coal irons a few years ago and they’ve been keeping books on my shelf upright ever since.

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