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Know how your driveway cracks? That’s why builders add expansion joints to big concrete walls and floors, filling those joints with a flexible caulk that can absorb changes in size due to temperature and humidity. But what happens when it’s time to refurbish those joints? Hint: It’s generally a pain in the ass. First you have to cut out the existing caulk, then you have to go back and clean up the messy surfaces with a grinder so they’re reusable.¬†Arbortech announced a blade this week, though, that combines both those steps into a single process.

The idea: Instead of grabbing a pipe knife or cutting machine to cut down each side of the join individually and then reaching for a grinder to remove the remaining crap from the edges, the new blade cuts both sides and grinds the surface clean all in one pass. They designed the blade specifically for their AS170 brick and mortar saw which, they say, applies¬†“a unique orbital cutting motion with two forward facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and a cutting action that allows the user to have lear visibility and the ability to accurately cut square and deep.”

The blades will be available in 1/2″, 1″, and 2″ sizing, though each blade can flex to accommodate joins up to 1/2″ smaller than their published size. Bonus: That flex allows them to follow the changes in variable-sized joins (read: just about all of them), too. Pricing isn’t available yet, but they’re likely not cheap. The AS170 streets for just under a grand. Then again, how much is your time worth?

Caulking Blades/AS170 [Arbortech] (Warning: PDF)


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