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Of course, we’re all about building your own shop seat. Or having a wife (like Sean does) that’s cool enough to buy you custom paper writing service your own custom Toolmonger shop stool. But if you just want a quick, cheap place to sit, Northern Tool is currently offering their $50 (overpriced) shop chair for (a quite reasonable) $36.

It’s a “double ring” stool, which means you can rest your feet either on the bottom ring or pull ’em up to the top ring to make a lap to work on. Like an office chair, it spins and you can pneumatically raise it from 27″ to as high as 32″. One drawback: You’ll have to put up with the Northern Tool ad on the seat. But hey, you won’t see it ’cause you’ll be sitting on it, right?

NI Pneumatic Stool w/Backrest [Northern Tool]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: A $36 Shop Stool

  1. Kurt says:

    Where did your wife get the custom stool made? That is pretty cool.

  2. Old Tool Guy says:

    and when you go 6’8″ and 320 lbs, like I do, there is one question:

    This is Northern Tool we’re talking about, right? How good is their warranty?

  3. Blair says:

    Old Tool Guy…..According to the Q & A on their website:

    1 answer
    What weight is this chair able to hold/support?

    This Northern Industrial stool has a weight capacity of 240 pounds.

    Looks like you would void the warranty just by glancing at it….:)

  4. Fabian says:

    Shipping is high for this unit.. go to Amazon, plenty of free shipping alternatives there…

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