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The folks at Bosch saw last week’s post about tool sculptures and sent along these pics of “Princess,” their Bosch accessories mascot. She’s five feet tall, and yes, she’s built from and completely skinned in various Bosch accessories.

Her core is made of sculpted foam to which all kinds of accessories — sand paper, reciprocating/jigsaw/circular saw blades, screw driver bits, screw extractor bits, Dowling points, countersinks, Daredevel auger bits/spade bits, diamond blades, abrasive cup wheels, and lots of chisels, just to name a few — are attached with resin. Conceived of in the Bosch halls, Princess was given form by Acme Design, a company based in Elgin, Illinois.

I think her head is her most flattering bit, and I bet she can unscrew anything in the world with those teeth.


2 Responses to Meet Princess, The Bosch Accessories Mascot

  1. Fong says:

    Almost looks like something you’d see at Oakley or some other anti-corporate maverick company. Definitely not something I’d expect to be conceived by precision tool makers. Hope it eventually finds a permanent home perched above the front door of corporate headquarters.

  2. k says:

    that thing is badass i want 1 in my room

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