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In the market to buy a can of WD-40? It seems you now have options. Not to be left out of the commemorative soda can craze, the folks at WD-40 now offer a “collectable” series of four cans honoring those who serve. Pictured above, each of the four cans in the series pays tribute to a specific branch of the US military: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Admittedly, I’ve had the same old kinda-corroded-on-the-bottom can of WD-40 sitting on the shelf for at least the last six years. So I’m probably not the market for these. But if you go through the stuff pretty regularly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t stare at a cool picture on the side of the can while you’re doing whatever it is of the zillions of things you can do with WD-40. And as a bonus, for each can you buy, WD-40 will donate 10 cents across three armed forces-related charities: the Armed Services YMCA, the Wounded Warrior Project, and the Veterans Medical Research Foundation.

It looks like you’ll pay about $3.50 for each of the commemorative cans versus about $3/can for the ordinary stuff.

My take: If you like the cans, go for it. If not, just donate $0.50 (or more if you’re able) to one of the three charities, links below. Or hell, just fix the lawnmower for your deployed-overseas neighbor’s spouse. You get the idea.

Donation Page [Armed Services YMCA]
Donation Page [Wounded Warrior Project]
Donation Page [Veterans Medical Research Foundation]
Military Collector’s Series [WD-40]


6 Responses to Cool Cans, Roundabout Donations

  1. russ says:

    What about the Coast Guard?

    • James says:

      As a point of order, not each can specifies a specific branch – the second can from the left in the picture depicts personnel from all the branches of US armed services, from left to right: The Marine Corps, The USAF, Army, Navy and so Russ doesn’t feel left out, Coast Guard.
      Interestingly, it depicts the Army uniform *after* they did away with the beret; a decision which was only made in the last few months.

  2. Kurt says:

    They are mixing it up on the cans – for example, that is a Coast Guard helicopter flying above the aircraft carrier, and on the aviation can, mixing Marine Air and Army. Kinda neat idea, and kudos for support our military.

  3. Toolfreak says:

    While donating to charaties is a noble cause, and the cans do look cool, I can’t help but think about the cost involved in coming up with the cans and having them made versus just straight donating a percentage of sales or something. It seems like they could have saved millions by doing something less complex and donating that money. Maybe an American flag sticker instead?

    I’m not sure if the cans will be worth anything, either. Even decades later, lots of “commemorative” stuff is worth less than regular vintage containers.

    I already bought several cases of the Pro-packs so I’m not in the market, but I don’t think I’d pick these up, not just for the price, but it’d be a shame to throw them away, but I don’t need empty cans sitting around either.

  4. russ says:

    I was going by the article, first paragraph, not about the cans.

  5. miss frannie says:

    Cool, very cool, very nice, I like it. Plus wd-40 is great stuff.

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