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Remember how your parents would tell you not to stick your finger in a household electrical outlet, you know, so you don’t get electrocuted? Well, the International Electrotechnical Commission — the folks who set the safety standards for electrical test equipment — rate those measly single-phase outlets as “category II.” Some people have the cojones to work in what the IEC calls “CAT IV” environments. That’s three-phase power at the utility connection — stuff rated at 1,000V but can extend up to a whopping 12,000V.

Those people are Greenlee’s target customer for their new FishFinder Plus Vision System. At first glance it looks like a chubbier version of every other portable jobsite camera you’ve seen. But as CAT IV veterans will tell you, little things make a difference when you’re working around power that can kill you instantly.

For example, the FishFinder’s cable isn’t just non-conductively covered. Greenlee coats the FishFinder’s cable with two layers of material, the top layer in orange and the under layer in yellow. Any yellow visible on the cable indicates that scratches or wear and disqualifies the cable from CAT IV use.

Besides the safety overload, the FishFinder packs the sorts of features you’d expect: Its camera sports a wide-angle lens that’s in-focus from 1/2″ to 12″, and two white LEDs on the camera head help you peer behind electrical panels — and even under water. You can digitally rotate the image on its 2.4″ color LCD screen 180 degrees. And it’ll store over 2,000 images on its built-in memory. (You can dump the images to a computer via a mini-USB jack.)

We have no idea what these suckers sell for, but we’re betting they’re not cheap. Who buys cheap-ass tools when they’re effectively betting their lives on ’em?

FishFinder Vision System Plus [Greenlee]


6 Responses to A Jobsite Camera For Scary Environments

  1. Eric R says:

    That is one sweet unit.
    And you’re right Chuck, who cares what it costs when your life depends on it.

  2. DoItRite says:

    The Snap-on guy was showing his version of these a while back. Nobody bought one until he said “so, you want to know if its a boy or a girl…”

  3. MiBa says:

    I’d be careful with the “who cares what it costs” thought process. I’m sure the sells rep loves to use the “when your life is on the line” speech but expensive doesn’t mean better automatically.

    I say don’t be stupid when your life is on the line. Don’t buy garbage to save a buck. If I have no choice I’ll pay the big bucks but make no mistake, they could sell it for a lot cheaper and still make good money. They just won’t.

  4. Dave says:

    I want something like this for working around the house…looking for stuff under cabinets, looking at sink clogs, etc. Anyone know of a good one in the <$100 range?

    • DoItRite says:

      Harbor Freight has their version. Might be able to get it for a good price with one of those 20 percent off coupons that seem to be everywhere. Fairly good reviews, but if their is an extended warranty available, I’d go for it.


      • Buck says:

        Safety guy for an electrical contractor here: Your harbor freight version might be good enough for non-electric (or de-energized) home use, but I don’t recommend it for electrical professionals doing live work (much less Cat IV live work).

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