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We often go on about the value of pocket knives and how handy they are to have around in everyday life. On occasion I stow a small Swiss Army knife with me in a checked bag (not carry-on) when I go on a business trip. However, that does not translate to carrying knives on planes in the carry-on section, as Mr. Amr Gamal Shedid of Baltimore attempted to do in D.C. earlier this week.

All we can say is “Huh?” Mr. Shedid states he’s a collector of knives, but what kind of jackwagon decides it’s a good idea to try to bring gravity, switchblade, and butterfly knives in through security?

The only reason the transit police will be able to come up with for you trying to waltz through security with knives like that is that you mean to do harm to someone else. The TSA may take a lot of heat in the media, but honestly — with this knife collection in a place like that, we can’t draw another conclusion either.

Mail the damn knives home or wherever you’re going.

TSA finds 13 knives in carry-on at DC-area airport [Yahoo News]


22 Responses to Where Not To Carry Knives – Jackass

  1. Dan R. says:

    Not the prettiest collection.

  2. sD says:

    Looks like he was a collector of garbage knives.

  3. Yeah, not my favorites either.

    Reminds me of the time when I was de-planing and some idiot next to me says “Oh I didn’t even realize I had this in my bag” and proceeds to take out a huge folding knife, and show it to his buddy. I told them to put that away and shut up about it before the airport gets shut down.

    I always have a small one in my checked bag too. I really feel off if I have to travel without a knife.

  4. uqbar says:

    I carried a pocket-knife for most of my life – even when I was in grade school (people didn’t freak out about this back then). Let’s face it – there is no good reason to ban knives like this from airplanes – it only keeps honest people from doing it. We need the TSA to stop treating us like a nation of cowards – we are better, stronger people than this policy implies.

    As has been stated elsewhere – this is not about security, this is about security theater. It’s about keeping people frightened about boogy men while the oligarchs steal us all blind.

    Let’s all stop being afraid, and be the people our forefathers can be proud of.

  5. Ty says:

    These are the kind of things that will certainly get pocket knives made illegal. The two of them look like folding bayonets, there’s a butterfly knife, 5 iminiation “Joker” knives, 2 spring-assisted daggers, and 2 SOMEWHAT normal-looking knives.

    If he had been caught with a simple Swiss Army Knife or a Buck Stockman, it wouldn’t look too bad on the knife community…I’ll admit I’ve had a clueless moment and almost brought my Leatherman into “restricted” places, but I wear the thing at work everyday and carry it without second thought.

    Thanks to this dumbass (for lack of a better description) we all may lose the right to carry our Buck Bantams or Winchester liner-locks…One bad apple (read: outright stupid apple) will spoil it for the whole bunch….We need more stories like the gentleman who saved that young lady in the carwash with a regular, non-descript pocket knife like us normal, non-EDC-5-tacticool-knife-carrying humps, carries.

  6. Shy Guy says:

    These junk knives might be good to weld together for a sculpture, but thats about it.

  7. ttamnoswad says:

    This guy most likely was a sacrificial pawn in an effort to test the security system. This was a test run, not an absent minded mistake.

  8. ambush says:

    I dunno, I don’t think he meant to harm anyone, one knife is more than sufficient for that and far more discreet. Insanely stupid nonetheless.

  9. Sean says:

    Funny thing, I felt safer back when I could carry my 4″ Kershaw from coast to coast. Only comment I ever got was “put it in the tray, it’ll set the metal detector off.”

  10. Toolfreak says:

    It’s just security theater all right. Whether it’s toenail clippers or knives, none of it is enough to be any real threat to the safety of anyone on the plane.

    If anyone with bad intentions wants a knife or a gun on a plane, they can just get them from the pilots or the air marshals who are on it. No need to bring your own.

    You can also ask the stewardesses for a knife with your meal, too.

    Knives are tools, anyway. Not weapons. Just because lame people use fancy types to flick open and appear intimidating doesn’t change what they’re really used for. But yeah, the rest of us have to suffer for the public perception of how bad it is to have a sharp blade handy. I’m still sticking to driving until the airport “security” drama is over.

  11. Gil says:

    That’s one way to rid yourself of crap knives.

  12. Sokupppette says:

    So a lamer like that is the best the TSA can come up with in terms of a “threat” to wave around in the news and justify spending a brazillion dollars? Pretty weak sauce.

    Back to pre-2000 security measures, now. Pre-1970 optional for extra credit.

  13. Cameron Watt says:

    Here’s the story of my pocket knife excitement in Holland: http://madwelder.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/a-run-in-with-johnny-law-in-delft/

    Have any of you seen the movie Alice to Nowhere? There’s a scene where airport security finds the bad guy’s handgun and let him go when he says it’s a gift for his nephew. If you watch it, your head will explode.

  14. Eric R says:

    I wouldn’t use those knives as door stops.
    It’s scary to even think there are brain surgeons like this walking around!

  15. ttamnoswad says:

    Junk knives can still slice the delicate skin of a stewardess’s neck. I would hate to see what thirteen poorly armed fundamentalist neanderthals could do on a single plane……even in the post Flight 93 world.

    • Sean says:

      And in this post 911 world, I’d hate to see what 70 passengers armed with knives would do to 13 fundamentalists who decided to go pound on the cockpit cabin door. Sure beats trying to fend off a couple boxcutter idiots with a drinks cart.

    • Chris says:

      “I would hate to see what thirteen poorly armed fundamentalist neanderthals could do on a single plane……even in the post Flight 93 world.”

      Like Sean said, I’d hate to see what the rest of the passengers would do to those 13 people when they realized what was about to happen. Actually, I’d love to see someone try it, and see the paramedics shoveling their body parts out of the aisle afterward.

      Sorry, but you’re not getting through MY cockpit door with a knife, or even 13 of them. Anyone trying to get into a cockpit on a commercial airliner in the US these days is reasonably likely to be shot.


  16. Jerry says:

    People who fly all the time seem to never learn. The state auction website here in Oregon always has large quantities of knives – ea lot of swiss army types and often a Leatherman may get mixed in. – up for bidding. Taking a look now, they have two lots of sak’s stating that are “at least 50-” in the lot. Most of these were confiscated by TSA agents at PDX.

  17. J. E. Andreasen says:

    “What kind of jackwagon…”? Maybe the type of jackwagon who thinks of knives (and other inanimate objects) primarily as “tools”.

    The “weapon” the control-fetishists among us should really fear is our minds.

    Be assured, the control-fetishists are working ’round-the-clock’ on that threat; a threat solely to their insatiable power lust.

    They are winning.

  18. ThatOneGuy says:

    What kind of jackwagons allow our government to treat us all like a bunch of criminals? I’ve never been bothered by a “terrorist” but I have been harassed by government officials… Makes ya wonder who the real terrorists are…

  19. ambush says:

    Yeah, I agree completely ThatOneGuy, I’m far more afraid of getting fined than I am of any criminal.

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