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This video, created by a student for extra credit in his shop class a while back, is the complete awesome. Sure, it’s Lego and kind of funny, but that’s the point. Not only did some shop teacher have it together enough not to show the same old 1960’s videos about shop safety, but now they are armed with something to show for the next few years that connects with students better than a guy with a brostashe and turtle-shell horn rims.

If it helps kids engage in shop activities and understand that they can do great harm to themselves with the tools out in the shop, we’d say its a win for everyone involved.

Extra credit for having the dude who gets chopped up in a wife beater and Oakley shades. Classic.

Power Tool Safety [YouTube]


3 Responses to Lego Shop Safety Video

  1. cheerIO says:

    That was pretty good. Especially for a school project. This is the best safety video I have ever seen:

    German Forklift Safety Video

  2. Slow Joe Crow says:

    The lego video was a cool piece of work, but I prefer Staplerfahrer Klaus in the original German

  3. Brau says:

    Sadly, in keeping with human nature, few heed or pay true attention until they have a “close call”. Thankfully, in my case, my first inattentive accident was with a normal hand saw. I looked up to smile, the saw bound for a second then skipped through and I cut across my leg as I lost my balance. I got 31 facial type stitches across a 4″ gash in my thigh. I’ve never looked away from a piece of work since. I’m just glad my first mistake wasn’t with a chainsaw or another power tool. My father-in-law lost a finger in his first lesson breaking sheet metal.

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