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Last year at the Milwaukee event when the M12 powered heated jacket was unveiled, everyone was very excited about everything but the color. Our friend Hal from Extreme How-To.com was the first to ask if it came in any color other than red, like camo. They promptly said no: Red is good, that’s what you get.

Hal and others pressed on, with statements similar to “…but what you’ve designed here is a perfect hunting coat; why not just go all the way with it?” Fast forward about a year and enough testing and user feedback flows under the bridge, and Milwaukee did just that. The Milwaukee M12 powered heated jacket now comes in Realtree branded camo pattern. Milwaukee’s press release gives us the skinny:

Compatible with the entire line of M12™ professional power tools, users can easily utilize the same battery they have been using all day on the jobsite for a weekend of hunting or fishing with their M12  Realtree AP Heated Jacket. Features such as a special fabric blend to reduce noise during movement, a concealed heat controller and a back tag patch to visibly display hunting licenses, demonstrate Milwaukee’s commitment to provide innovative products whether users are on or off the jobsite.

I’m not much of a hunter or fisherman myself, but the real story here for me is that Milwaukee designed a product for one purpose which its customers saw as something completely different. Instead of ignoring that request as foolish since they’re not in the sportsman/outdoorsman clothing business, in less than a year, they embraced the user feedback and turned around another product to fill the need.

It’s quite apparent that whoever is driving the bus in the product department at Milwaukee is awake and at the wheel. We tip our hats to the speedy turnaround. Look for the Realtree camo jacket to be available in the fall and cost around $170 with battery and charger and $120 without, if the Realtree brand name doesn’t kick the price up.

Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket [Website Press Release]


8 Responses to Milwaukee Heated Jacket – Forest Style

  1. Barks says:


  2. BigEdJr says:

    Sound interesting, but I just can’t find the energy to think about a jacket like this when it’s +114* outside here in Phoenix…

  3. Tony Clifton says:

    I’m not much of a hunter of fisherman myself
    I’m a fisherman, and I never realized I was valued for my delicious meat. It would explain why I’ve seen brand-new bass boats sitting empty in the middle of the lake, though– they’re decoys!

  4. Steve says:

    My wife wants one of these for general use. These things are pretty great. I have no need for camo so the red suits me just fine. Even when your battery runs out, you still have a jacket on.

  5. jeff_williams says:

    @Steve The battery is really only needed right away in the morning, after lunch, and when slowing down towards the end of the day. The jacket is really warm by itself. I often sweat while wearing mine (in MN).

  6. Sean O'Hara says:

    @ Tony

    Nice catch sir. Corrected.

  7. I want one, a heated jacket, and probably will be the only cordless milwaukee tool I will buy this year…the camo pattern is making me save my quarters already!

  8. Paul says:

    I own the red one, it is a VERY nice jacket and i almost always used the low setting as the other made me too hot. But the battery connector is kinds flimsy and when you get in the truck with it on you bang the battery around in the lowerback and seat belt area. I really like mine but I tend to feel like its not really heavy duty and probably would not wear it while doing much work other than walking or surveying. That being said I’m planning to take it out night fishing this summer in the great north and my wife will be jealous.

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