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Is it bad that sometimes I see the “solutions” to problems on There I Fixed It and they seem logical to me? In this case I look upon the tractor/car mashup and think, sure, dude didn’t want to get rained on.

If that extra battery that’s hooked to the side near the front runs the A/C and is blowing cold air on him, or perhaps powering the radio or a heater — I begin to see big reasons for doing this conversion.

Of course, looking at the open back end I also support the “I just think it would be funny to put a car on the tractor” mentality as well. But mostly, I’m thinking rain shield.

And You Think Your First Car Was Bad [thereifixedit]


10 Responses to Tract-o-car: Epic… Something

  1. Sean says:

    From someone who’s spent too much time on a tractor seat, it’s an attempt to get an enclosed cab in a region of the world where a) enclosed cab tractors weren’t readily available, b) marginally available but unaffordable and more importantly c) I already own a tractor, the car’s engine is blown, we cannot afford new equipment, so make do with what’s available.

    A good portion of the world doesn’t have the US luxury to go put themselves deeply in debt on whims, let alone necessities, you make do with what you have and use what you have between your ears to figure out how to adapt it.

  2. G says:

    No, sometimes I too look at There I Fixed It and think, “Clever.” Or “Beautiful.” Or just “Fantastic!”

  3. george says:

    its an answer to a problem. nuff said !

  4. zor says:

    I like it. You’ve got all the interior ventilation, heat or a/c stuff you need already there just run the hoses down to where you need them. Windshield wipers and maybe it’s quiet, too. You can mow over yellow jacket nests with impunity (turn on recirculate first). Downsides would be rollover protection and of course visibility.

  5. Shy Guy says:

    My wife says that the car is from Poland, and guessing that is where this picture is from. my 2 cents

  6. Dave P says:

    Judging from the 100-year-old implement he’s dragging, I’d say this fella is probably an expert at making useful stuff out of total junk.

  7. Matt says:

    I would love to see one of those things on the road today. Would be hilarious.

  8. DoItRite says:

    Maybe the tractor is so fast that he needed airbags!

  9. Gil says:

    In Soviet Russia, tractor is hatchback…

  10. Bobk says:

    About the open back end.

    Just guessing, but since most of the time I spent on my family’s tractors was swivel-necking between looking front and looking back – my first thought about the open back was “Man, that guy has an excellent view of where the planter/cultivator/whatever implement that he is towing is tracking”.


    Grew up on International Harvester Farmalls. 560, M, Super M, H, Super H, C, A, and Cub. What can I say, my father liked IH Red. He also didn’t like spending lots of money on expensive new tractors.

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