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I arrived a little early this year to my parents’ house on Father’s Day because my dad had cut some limbs from the large tree out front. He’d freed them from the tree with a bow saw, as he has done since before I was born. This year, however, I brought the Alligator Lopper with me. After we separated all the wood we wanted from what we didn’t, we had a lot left over — as you can plainly see in exhibit (A) pictured above.

We hauled the leftover foliage from the front near the street to the backyard brush pile of the three-acre plot in one trip. Was this a big deal? To be honest, yes and no.

We could have walked them all back there in about 20 trips and gotten the same job done. But given that it was 101 F and we didn’t really feel the need to torture ourselves for the sake of exercise, the faster the better. A bonus came when Dad didn’t give me crap about my “little” truck, since I was the only one of us with plastic side caps on my bed rails and wasn’t worried the brush would scratch the truck.

As we’ve said in the past, trucks aren’t the only tool for many jobs, but damn if it isn’t easier when one is around.

Ranger [Ford]
Alligator Lopper
[Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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5 Responses to Reason #189 To Own A Truck: Wheelbarrow

  1. Rick says:

    Too bad Ford is killing off the Ranger at the end of this year.

  2. Paul says:

    I’m sad to see the Ranger go, Its the last small cheap truck. I think they have a market they just need to update it. The f150 or nothing strategy is going to make them lose a lot of customers to foreign small truck makers. Then again I own a Ranger my opinion may be skewed a bit.

    I personally prefer to use a utility trailer for tree branches and stuff. Easier to load, and laziness allows me to just pile the stuff on the trailer for days/weeks before dumping it

  3. Spyrus says:

    If they kill off the Ranger it was because they planned to do 3-4 different models of the F150 with different engines in it. This would mean utilizing one frame series (keeps costs down) and just dropping in different engines based on the price point for the truck.

    I believe they have even been toying with the idea of dropping a much smaller diesel engine into the F150 line as well.

  4. rick says:

    good use, i bought a wood chipper off of craigslist (8hp $75) and use that to dispose of all my trimmings, makes good mulch. Anything larger than the chipper takes (3″) is firewood anyways.

  5. Ed says:

    American(and their Canuck counterparts) seem to have a ‘to heck w/ you if you don’t buy what we want to sell’ attitude. It likely accounts for their conspicuous succes afew years ago when they gave taxpayers billions. Or did I get that wrong?

    Check out the Ford Transit; ask yourself why such vans are all over Europe, and its the only one of its kind here? Have car execs not noticed the price of gas? Or road congestion?

    Likely not: According to witnesses, Car execs drive into their parking spots, their cars are gassed, washed and turned around so they can drive straight out. What would they know about trucks?

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