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Delta has now put up their new website which is free of Porter Cable for the first time in a long time. Though many are still a little wary of the new look and new resulting company, we’re stoked that at least we’re seeing where they are headed. In short, it’s business as always.

The site offers some new tools in the works with a straightforward design that shows you what’s up with the current line. As Delta said a few months ago, they haven’t discontinued anything that they’re currently producing in the major power tool category, and they are setting up shop to focus exclusively on woodworkers.

Bitch if you will, but they are true to their word. The site looks pretty good (if familiar) as well.

Delta [Website]


One Response to Delta’s New Online Look

  1. Rick says:

    They need to get their act together. They haven’t had an update on their YouTube page since June 2010. Their Twitter account hasn’t posted since December 2010. The Facebook page is just a wiki. All three are a pathetic joke…

    Social media is good marketing. I’m surprised they are not taking full advantage of it..

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