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Today Toolmonger is taking a bit of a rest for Memorial Day as we celebrate and honor those who served. Our plans include watching the local parade and perhaps a little time outside with the grill, weather permitting. Of course there is also a Top Gear Marathon on BBCA all day today which we have the feeling at least a piece of is in our forecast.

We give our heartfelt thanks to the men and women on active duty and those that served in years gone by. Your service does not go unsung or unseen.


2 Responses to Memorial Day 2011

  1. Dan says:

    While it’s appropriate and deserved to honor all those who serve, let’s not forget that Memorial Day is a special day, reserved for those who have fallen defending our country. A recent poll (http://www.nationalww2museum.org/media/press-releases/national-wwii-museum-poll.html) showed how little many people in America know about Memorial Day. At 3PM today, please observe a moment of silence for those who gave their lives so that we might remain free.

  2. fred says:

    While we have turned many of our national holidays into 3-day weekend opportunities to shop – gather with friends and family and relax with a day off from work – this holiday – like many of the others should remind us of those who have provided inspirational leadreship and sacrifice (from Wahington to Lincoln to King) to those many more who have given their lives in armed conflicts who we Memorilaize today and celebrate their achievements on days like Independence Day and Veterans (Armistice) Day. So when next we debate about the myriad of tools available to us as American Consumers and our freedom to buy from a myriad of sources (including made in the USA) – we should remember that this all comes at a price – paid for by the sacrifice of those who we should honor today.

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