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I can’t tell if the blog from whence these photos came is a link farm or what, but they sure have collected a lot of interesting photos that seem tailor-made to inspire slick home DIY ideas. Take, for example, the picture above, which Interior Design Magazine says comes from “Sztuki Cafe.” Now imagine building a set of a few of these for your kid’s room.

Or how ’bout this one:

I bet you could score ply scraps from all sorts of places. Sure, it’d be a bit of work, but this might make for a truly interesting office desk.

This one’s possibly my favorite. Imagine doing something similar for a coffee table.

Anyway, if you’ve been looking for some far-out ideas to spin via your woodworking skills, you might enjoy digging around in this site a bit.


3 Responses to Cool Architectural DIY Ideas

  1. Fong says:

    Interesting stuff. It does inspire me to want to go build something. Caution: Reading the grammatical errors of this Indonesian owned site may drive some of you nuts. Just look at the pictures.

  2. Brau says:

    Not sure what to think. My forefathers had names for this type of utilitarianism. They called it; poverty, frugality, need, and … “The Depression”. My dad used to repurpose a lot of junk. The trick, he said, was to make look like it was professionally produced, not homemade. Today however, it seems frugality or recycling is being paraded about as a sign of eco-religious piety. Sadly, like the pictures show, the assertions are often vainly opulent and at best a mere overture.

  3. Cameron Watt says:

    I like the booths on wheels. A friend had a small shop and built a little office like this. When there was a big job, he’d roll his office into the parking lot for the day!

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