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How many times have you been watching a movie where you see a guy cutting a hole in a 2″ steel plate with a little portable plasma cutter? Every time it happens I want to stand up and scream “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A) That’s a tough job for a mounted big-ass cutter, and B) the duty cycle on a little 20A plasma cutter lasts about 20 seconds — not five minutes!” So we have to offer the producers of Green Hornet a big Toolmonger kudos for getting it right: Notice that the Hornet himself (Seth Rogen) in the screencap above is cutting the head off his father’s statue with a gas torch. Nice.

This is doubly-cool considering that so much of the movie is (hilariously) farcical. Love the car workshop, by the way. If I ever happen to end up that rich, you can bet I’ll have such a shop — though I’ll be the one working in it.

The Green Hornet [IMDB]


5 Responses to Tools At The Movies: Green Hornet

  1. Kyle says:

    Yeah I always love seeing tools in movies, that movie is also suposed to have a couple lincoln welders in it.

    The tools in Ironman 2 kept me interested, especially that ridgid aluminum pipe wrench in the particle accelerator scene

  2. rick says:

    or Ironman 1… were he build the whole suit out of sheet metal and a stone hammer…… that annoyed me….

  3. LakeFarmer says:

    i really appreciate this trailer in the movie . even i very much like the tools in the movies.

    The tools used in the movie Iron man made me very much interested. really aw-sum movie.

  4. Dreamcatcher says:

    Ugh… don’t get me started (too late).

    Nail guns are my irk. I see so many movies depicting nail guns that shoot without depressing the safety and sometimes without being hooked up to air (American Psycho). It seems like a nail gun is a go to cliche weapon in movies were the battle moves into a job site. Then I gotta wonder what carpentry crew leaves all their nail guns on site and hooked up at night?

    Next peeve is chainsaws. Sure they seem cool and you can’t make a zombie movie without one but in reality would you want to rely on a chainsaw for personal defense? They are often undependable to start on the first pull, they use fuel at a rapid pace, and while they’ll cut some flesh they don’t really cut “mushy” things all that well (ever cut a punk log?).

    And final pique is with heavy equipment… bulldozers, cranes, rollers, even car smashers. It would seem that the movie biz believes either these machines don’t have ignition keys or that operators always just leave the keys in the ignition every night. Either way it’s annoying to see a scene where the hero just jumps into any piece of equipment he need and fires it right up (apparently no glow plugs either). Not to mention some equipment is just plain difficult to figure out. Heck, there’s times when I get into equipment I’ve ran in the past and it takes me some minutes to remember where the brake release is located – let alone which stick moves what.


  5. PutnamEco says:

    As for tools in the media, my favorites are the power tool commercials, Dewalt and Milwaukee have some pretty funny ones. You may be able to find them on Youtube.

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