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It’s GearWrench’s mainstay: Start with a tool that everyone uses a lot, then make it configurable so it’s a hell of a lot easier to position (or re-position). Remember when ratcheting box-end wrenches seemed like some kind of As Seen on TV(tm) gimmick? Now even your grandpa owns a set. And who doesn’t keep an indexing ratchet around to get at hard-to-reach nuts and bolts? Now you can even score a nail puller with an indexing head.

It’s pretty much like your everyday nail puller — 12″ long with a forged steel head — but you can twist the head around through 180 degrees. The head locks into place in 14 separate angles, so you can set it up to get the best pulling leverage even when the nail is in between studs or otherwise difficult to get at.

Street pricing starts around $25, and it looks readily available online. This isn’t one of those tools you’ll probably include in a “starter” kit for your buddy who just bought his first house, but if you’re a carpenter or framer, it might be handy to have in the truck. It’s a bummer when you shoot a nail in wonky and it sticks out enough to keep you from just burying it and moving on. And generally you’re most likely to shoot wonky nails into funky little hard-to-reach spots.

Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to An Indexing Nail Puller

  1. Toolhearty says:

    Might want. Not sure.

  2. Mr. Man says:

    Another solution to the non existent problem. I can picture two carnival barkers selling this one on a late night infomercial.

  3. fred says:

    I’d reserve judgement and probably not buy one to try out unless I saw a lot of folks talking it up for a job we hadn’t thought of before. I think I’m with Mr. Man in that its aimed at a problem that has yet to surface. Maybe the folks at Danaher – Gearwrench are more familiar with automotive mechanic needs than those of carpenters – although I can say that we have a big Auto Body Morgan slide hammer puller that can be rigged up to do some demolition/salvage jobs better a lot of carpenter’s tools.

  4. Kyle says:

    @fred, I know what you mean about using a slide hammer for demo work, they work great. Once I showed up at friends eagle scout project that involved domoing and rebuilding a deck with a slide hammer, a few hammers and crowbars and two sawzalls.

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